The Food Cubby – Keeping Food in its Place *Coupon Code*


The Food Cubby – Keeping Food in its Place

Simple solution to separate food on a plate and to get food onto utensils easily!

We have been using a lot of sectional plates for our two young girls because it’s a great way to separate foods for our picky (aka ‘explorer’) eater, Brie, and our oldest daughter who doesn’t like her veggies to mix in with her protein, etc., etc.  As a side note, sectional plates are also great for portion control.  The downside is that sectional plates are bulky, they aren’t always dishwasher safe, and you can’t really take them with you on the go.  I heard about The Food Cubby from a friend and I immediately thought they were brilliant.  It turns out, the inventor who did the design and prototype for The Cubby is just SIX years old.  WOW!  Let me explain this awesome new product and why it has made our meals a lot easier for us parents!

As an alternative to buying (and then tossing out) plastic section plates that also don’t fit well in cupboards, the Food Cubby is a silicon suction ‘wall’ that is designed to separate food on a plate.  Have a child that hates when sauces get all over their veggies?  Are you having a battle with those bulky sectional plates in your house?  If so, each Food Cubby fits 1/2 cup of food in its interior and it’s great on-the-go tool for both kids and adults alike to help at mealtime.  I was able to get a 4-pack of the Food Cubbies so each of my girls were able to section off our typical three dish meals at dinnertime and I was definitely impressed.  I love how the cubby actually suctions to our plates – no slipping – so even sauces we have had at dinner do not get through the barrier.  The cubbies have a large reach on our plates and for whatever reason our girls seem to eat more on their plates than they used to and I think it’s because the sectioned food looks more appealing and doesn’t cross-contaminate with the other dishes.  It has been great for our picky toddler.  I also read that food cubbies have been used for those with special needs, the elderly, and occupational therapy needs at meal time with great results, so it’s definitely a more versatile product than I had originally imagined.  If I could give the Food Cubby five stars, I would.  We are definitely satisfied with the product in our household.


About The Food Cubby:
  • Is a curved silicone wall that suctions to plates you already own to separate food on a plate and keep runny food from spreading
  • Can also be used as an ‘edge’ to push food onto utensils without using fingers (and keeps food on the plate!)
  • Fits exactly 1/2 cup of food in its interior for portion control
  • two can be used back-back on a larger plate to create four food areas
  • Is BPA free, food safe silicone, that is dishwasher safe
  • Can be taken anywhere people go to eat!

Coupon Code!  Food Cubby is offering my readers a discount for a limited time.  Please use ‘SMILE‘ at checkout on their website, and you can get $2 off an order.

The Food Cubby – Keeping Food in its Place

List Price: $5.99 per Food Cubby (discount for 2-packs and 4-packs) (Also available through

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