I Love Cake!: Starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose (Hardcover)


I Love Cake!: Starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose (Hardcover)

Porcupine and Moose come to enjoy Rabbit’s big day, but everything goes south when impulsive Moose loses control of his appetite!

I was slightly surprised at how much BOTH of my girls loved the new children’s picture book called I Love Cake!  It probably shouldn’t shock me because at the moment one of the activities my girls love the most on a rainy day like today, is busting out their Play-Doh cake making game and they can sit and make Play-Doh cake creations for HOURS.  It’s a messy endeavor, but their creations are quite impressive and make up for the messy clean-up afterwards.

Cake 1 Cake 2

In I Love Cake!, bestselling author Tammi Sauer introduces lovable animal characters that are very reminiscent of young children. In I Love Cake!  The three friends are quite different from each other but still love being best friends and hanging out all the time.  There is the irrepressible and silly Moose, orderly and even a little BOSSY Rabbit, and fun-loving Porcupine.  It’s Rabbit’s birthday and he plans a fabulous birthday party with his friends that includes their favorite ingredient, a delicious cake.

While all the friends are looking forward to getting the cake at the end of the party, Moose lets his love of cake get the better of him and the smell of the yummy cake is too much for his lack of self-control!  The central themes of this book are about friendship and forgiveness and how you can get upset with a friend and how to make amends when something doesn’t go as planned.  Lovely!  This birthday theme makes I Love Cake! an excellent choice for my summer birthday gal and we talked about the important lesson of what really matters in life and even though we can get upset with our friends, it’s even more important to learn forgiveness for innocent indiscretions and to accept apologizes when they are well deserved.  It’s a great lesson for the books central audience which is ages 4-8.  Perfect!

About the Author: Tammi Sauer, a former teacher and library media specialist, is the author of many popular picture books, including Nugget and Fang, illustrated by Michael Slack, and Princess in Training, illustrated by Joe Berger. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. Visit her website at www.tammisauer.com.

I Love Cake!: Starring Rabbit, Porcupine, and Moose (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (Currently on sale through Amazon Prime for $ 13.20)


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