Discovery Kids Shark Factivity Kit (Discovery Kids Factivity) Paperback


Discovery Kids Shark Factivity Kit (Discovery Kids Factivity) Paperback

Journey into the amazing underwater world of sharks!

Brooke has had a fascination with sharks ever since we had an awesome treasure hunt that involved pirates where in the final reveal, we ended up with a treasure chest full of pirate loot including shark’s teeth.  She wanted to know more about them and Parragon’s Discovery Kids Shark Factivity Kit is the perfect way to teach kids about sharks.  There is so much great information as well as fact, photos, and even six Snaggletooth shark teeth that are included in this kit that made learning about sharks fun and informative.

Did you know that there are over 470 different species of shark?  We didn’t!  We learned about the different types of sharks, the different teeth of sharks, and even how shark’s tails look and the differences in how they swim and where they live.  Brooke was most fascinated by the Hammerhead and Goblin sharks.  I was intrigued by the chapters that dealt with sharks and people and ways that humans are trying to protect different species of shark.  The book is full of so many different tidbits that you really can’t read it all in one sitting and it’s a great reference guide because it includes specific details about many different species of shark, such as what zone levels they inhabit and what their main diet consists of that I imagine we will be using this book as a go-to for shark information for a long time.  Of course, Brooke LOVED the included shark teeth, which are now tucked away in her pirate’s chest, and she really enjoyed learning about the Snaggletooth ‘half-saw’ teeth.  This is a must kit for shark-loving families and a great read for those who want to learn more about these water dwelling animals.  Wow!


About Parragon Books:  Publishing for over 25 years, Parragon has aimed to exceed expectations, providing readers & retailers with high-quality, engaging content at incredible value.  Check out the Parragon Little Learners website page for more information about additional books and apps for young children.

Discovery Kids Shark Factivity Kit (Discovery Kids Factivity) Paperback

List Price: $ 14.99

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