Go to Sleep, Monster! (Hardcover)


Go to Sleep, Monster! (Hardcover)

Go to Sleep, Monster! is a funny and surprising twist on the typical monster-under-your-bed story.

Getting George to sleep is a nightmare. But getting a monster to sleep? That’s an adventure.

George is afraid to go to sleep, what about the monster living under his bed?  This bedtime story has a wonderful twist.  Not only are George’s monsters REAL, they are also scared of going to sleep. It becomes George’s job to find and coax each monster off to dreamland.  He learns that the monsters are afraid to be alone and George is determined to make all the monsters in his house comfortable so they can all get their must needed ‘Zzzzs.”  It’s a lovely take that I like reading to Brooke that often the thing we are most afraid of is also the thing that needs as much comfort as we do.  The ending is quite hilarious, with George taking all the monsters into his room for bedtime and they all get their much needed sleep-eye they all deserve.  It’s a beautiful story with fantastic illustrations and a huge break from all the other monsters-under-the-bed theme we have yet to read.

About the Author/Illustrator:  Kevin Cornell is an illustrator and author from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Only a few brave souls have spotted him in the wild. Those who have, report he is remarkably polite, and has impeccably groomed fur.  This is the first book written and illustrated by the bestselling artist of the Terrible Two series, Kevin Cornell.  Tell him about your monsters at www.kevskinrug.com.

Go to Sleep, Monster! (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (Currently on sale at Amazon.com for $ 11.11)

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