Can I Tell You a Secret? (Hardcover)


Can I Tell You a Secret? (Hardcover)

From the author-illustrator team of You Are (Not) Small, winner of the 2015 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award, comes an adorable picture book featuring Monty.

Can I tell you a secret?  I wasn’t so sure I’d like this new book.  Since our kids were very young, we’ve made it a point to be honest and that secret-sharing was not the best approach for any reason.  We hear horrible stories about predators grooming kids through their use of secrets, children bullying others through secrets, and on top of that, secrets are usually a problem that can be easily fixed if you tell someone your dilemma.  Surprisingly, the book Can I Tell You a Secret? is all about the IMPORTANCE of telling secrets and it’s all thanks to Monty the Frog.

Monty has a BIG secret that he is ready to share – with YOU the readers.  It takes several pages of coaxing before we realize that Monty is scared of………the WATER.  The horror!  Monty the Frog is afraid of getting in the pond.  Yes, I can see where this is a big deal to a little frog.  Before I had a chance to think, “Where is this going…?” the ‘reader’ wisely tells Monty to share his secrets with his parents.  SCORE ONE FOR Can I Tell You a Secret?!  That’s just what Monty does, through stalling and other stories, until he is finally about the fess up to his water fear.  Amazed, Monty is told that his parents were aware of his fear, but they want to help him overcome it!  Why didn’t he think of that long ago?

I was entirely surprised by how much I loved this book and had some wonderful conversations with Brooke about the notion of secret-keeping.  It’s better to tell the truth, even if you are embarrassed or afraid.  No one can help you overcome your fears until you diffuse them with your words.  Parents are there to help their children and no problem, how big or small, should not be swept under the rug.  This is a great story for our summer reading and I am happy to report that the subject matter goes well beyond learning to swim.  Think of it as a guide to be able to paddle through life.  Rib-bit!

About the Author and Illustrator:   Husband-and-wife team Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant are the creators of the popular picture books You Are (Not) Small and That’s (Not) Mine. Their debut book, You Are (Not) Small, won the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award and was named a Notable Children’s Book by the American Library Association. Anna and Christopher live in New Jersey with their two daughters, a guinea pig, and a hermit crab.

Anna, a native New Yorker, received an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where the visual storyteller in her was awakened, forever changing the way she saw art, life, and everything in between. Anna has a few secrets—some are juicy but most are boring.

Christopher is a cartoonist and illustrator. His work can regularly be seen in the New Yorker magazine. His cartoons are syndicated worldwide and have been featured on the Today show, Meet the Press, and World News Tonight.

Can I Tell You a Secret? (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99 (Currently on sale through Amazon Prime for $13.32)


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