Create a Children’s Birthday Party to (Tie) Dye For through Oriental (Sponsored Post)


Create a Children’s Birthday Party to (Tie) Dye For through Oriental

Celebrating Over 80 Years of Fun!

We have had fun birthday parties since Brooke turned one.  There was the Texas party, the Spain party, the French party, and the Mexican party (themes that all centered around the six flags under Texas.)  Now that she’s in elementary school, her birthday invites have doubled!  We learned very quickly last year that we could no longer have her parties at our house.  The messes became unbelievable, the set-up took hours, and clean up was insane.  Her first off-site birthday party was at the Austin Rescue Zoo last year and it was a blast!  OK, it was more than a blast, we were able to set up our supplies on their fully stocked party room full of tables and chairs and quickly got things set up and broken down in the allotted amount time…and we got to drive home to a CLEAN house!  AMAZING!  We decided to repeat the off-site birthday party this year with a whole new fun theme that Brooke came up with all on her own.  Brooke’s birthday party will be at The Austin Art Garage where she will have a Tie Dye Party in which all her friends will be tie dying shirts. Keep it Weird, Austin, Keep it Weird!

Then I started to think about what party supplies we would need.  Where do we go?  What do we look for?  There are 18 kids in her class and in a two hour span of the party, you literally only have a half hour to set up and break down the room.  Luckily, this year has been super easy.  Why?  It’s because thanks to awesome supplies from and Oriental, it’s been a really stress-free event to set up! I needed to find cups, napkins, forks, and plates for her Tie Dye party and luckily, Oriental has an entire set of Tie Dye or ‘Beach Bum” options that are adorable.  The prices are so great and the shipping is FAST.  Oh, and just so you know, there are constant coupon code deals you can find and right now they are offering FREE SHIPPING! on orders $49 or more.  On top of all the tie-dying that will be happening and Brooke’s party, there will be fun decorations and of course tie dye cupcakes and a cake.  It’s going to be colorful, it’s going to be fun, and each kid gets to take home their own tie-dyed shirts and some cool party SWAG in the AWESOME Oriental Trading Tie-Dyed Tote Bags, which is the item that everyone ‘oohhhs’ and ‘ahhhha’ over.  Yes, my readers, I think this will be Brooke’s best party yet!


My Oriental Items for Brooke’s Tie Dye Party!


Oriental Trading is your go-to source for fun inspiration!

Create a Children’s Birthday Party to (Tie) Dye For through Oriental

List Price: $ Price Varies by Item

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