Digger and Daisy Plant a Garden (I AM A READER!: Digger and Daisy) (Paperback)


Digger and Daisy Plant a Garden (I AM A READER!: Digger and Daisy) (Paperback)

Discover Planting a Garden with Digger and Daisy!  Book 6 of the Beginner Reader Series.

It’s an exciting time for reading in our house as our kindergartner, Brooke, is really reading!  Last night she read me three beginning reader books and she only needed prompting on two words in just one of the books.  I get a little giddy when she reads a book without any assistance and so I’m quite overjoyed these days.  I can actually see her little mind working and making connections and it is so helpful to have books specifically for new readers in our house.  We really like Sleeping Bear Press’ “I Am A Reader!” series and we’ve loved the continued saga of the Digger and Daisy books.

Don’t know Digger and Daisy? 

Meet Digger and Daisy! They are dogs that are brother and sister. These dogs like to explore their world and see new things. Sometimes they agree with each other. Sometimes they disagree. But no matter the situation, one thing always stays the same–their love for each other. In playful, simple stories written especially for the K-1 audience, author Judy Young explores the dynamics and nuances of the sibling relationship.

In Digger and Daisy Plant a Garden, it’s springtime and Daisy thinks they should plant a garden with good things to eat. Digger digs the holes and Daisy plants seeds for carrots, tomatoes, and other vegetables. But Digger has a surprise in store for Daisy.  Will it be something good to eat or a complete disaster?  As usual, it’s something that both Digger and Daisy can enjoy and get a good laugh!


This was a great book for Brooke to read aloud and she enjoyed the story of the siblings who always stick together.  As an older sister, I think Brooke really understands the concept of feeling overprotective of her younger sister even when she exasperates her.  The story’s words are wonderful for kids in kindergarten or first grade and there is some repetition to help kids practice new or challenging words.  I highly recommend this series for beginning readers because I think it is important for kids to enjoy what they are reading as much as learning the words they are reading.  And we can’t wait for the next Digger and Daisy book 7 to continue the series!

About Author Denise Brennan Nelson:  Denise has written a number of children’s books including He’s Been a Monster All Day, Maestro Stu Saves the Zoo, My Momma Likes to Say, and the popular Willow series.  As a national speaker, Denise encourages adults and children to tap into their imaginations to lead rich and fuller lives.  She lives in Howell, Michigan, with her husband Bob, and their two children.  Find out more about Denise at her website www.denisebrennannelson.com.

Digger and Daisy Plant a Garden (I AM A READER!: Digger and Daisy) (Paperback)


List Price: $4.99

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