Local Texas raw and unfiltered honey from Rice’s Honey “Texas Wildflower”


Local Texas raw and unfiltered honey from Rice’s Honey “Texas Wildflower”

L.R. Rice Raw & Unfiltered Honey and Rice Family Raw & Unfiltered Honey

Brooke is our flower child.  Our new backyard is filled with all kinds of beautiful flowers, wild and meticulously planted, by the previous owners that have started to bloom and our girls are going nuts.  Brooke couldn’t get enough and we started looking for more bulbs and seeds to plant and it’s like we live in a fun little greenhouse when we go outdoors.  Of course, with flowers there comes the BEES and we’ve had plenty swarming our yard to get the sweet, sweet nectar to make….HONEY!  Brooke understands the connection between flowers and bees and honey-making and we are huge honey-lovers in our house.  I’ve written about several types of honey we have tried and I’m bringing you some really cool honey news about a company that has been around since 1924 and now carries a yummy honey product directly from our home state called “Texas Wildflower.”

Brookeflower  Rose Petal Kisses!

Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey

If you have never heard of the L.R. Rice founded Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey company, it has a rich history as a family owned company and is a leading producer of the highest quality raw and unfiltered honey in the United States.  The interesting thing about this Colorado company is that they have established and nurtured long-standing relationships with beekeeper families all around the United States and cleverly ship and bottle honey from all over our states.  Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey is happy to announce the national debut of L.R. Rice Raw & Unfiltered Honey and Rice Family Raw and Unfiltered Honey and one of their products just happens to come from bees right here in Texas.  

Rice gets their honey from local Texas beekeepers which they ship to Colorado to get packed and the Texas honey’s bottled brand name is called Texas Wildflower.  Local Texas wildflower honey is a blend of beautiful flower types and nectars commonly found in Texas.  Rice works with local Texas beekeepers to provide the best 100% pure raw and unfiltered honey.  Note:  Local Texas Wildflower honey contains trace amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.  The result is a delicious sweet and floral product and we have been using this honey so much that I already need to get a new bottle after just having our first one just a few weeks.  I love that Rice’s is committed to putting out high quality honey that is all locally sourced and raw and unfiltered and it is also INEXPENSIVE.  Yes, you can taste the difference, not to mention that makes them high in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.  Their products are now available nationwide and online and they have an entire product line from all over the U.S. which I will list below.  Local Austinites, check out this new Texas Wildflower honey by L.R. Rice at your local Whole Foods and get your honey on.  YUM!

L.R. Rice Raw & Unfiltered Honey Varieties include:

  • Clover
  • Wildflower
  • Amber
  • Local Colorado
  • Local Florida
  • Local Great Lakes
  • Local Midwest
  • Local NorCal
  • Local Northeast
  • Local Northwest
  • Local SoCal
  • Local Texas Wildflower
  • Local Utah
  • Local Washington


About Rice’s Lucky Clover HoneyRice’s Lucky Clover Honey first began in 1924, the family worked bee yards, extracted honey, filled and labeled glass jars, and sold products door-to-door in Northern Colorado.  Now their products are available to customer’s nationwide, offering high quality, premium, raw, and unfiltered honey at affordable prices.  The company offers 100% pure, local United States, raw and unfiltered honey to the whole country.

Remember!  Do not feed honey to children under the age of one.

Local Texas raw and unfiltered honey from Rice’s Honey “Texas Wildflower”


List Price: $ 6.50 (16 oz. Squeezer)  Available at locations from Whole Foods to Walmart, Rice’s Lucky Clover Honey works with local beekeepers to provide honey from select regions throughout the USA.


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