2016 Round Rock Express vs Reno Aces at Dell Diamond (Local Austin, TX) (Events for Families)


2016 Round Rock Express vs Reno Aces at Dell Diamond (Local Austin, TX) (Events for Families)

AAA affiliate of the Texas Rangers!

When I was younger, baseball was the only sport that I truly loved.  I was just one of a handful of girls who played on a co-ed baseball team (which they called tee-ball at the time, but there were no tees involved) with my older brother when I was in elementary school.  I loved being in the dugout, I loved playing on the field, and every once in awhile I’d actually make it around the bases.  I wasn’t the best or worst player although I happened to be on one of the worst teams in our village.  We seriously did not care about our ranking and we played for fun.  We were called the “Reds” and we were proud to display our sponsor’s name on the back of our tee-shirt/jersey of Barkhurst Carry-Out, one of the few local stores in the village that sold alcohol and cigarettes.  Hey, it was the mid-80s, so no one cared that our sponsor also supplied beer to the area!

Growing up in Ohio, I took it for granted that we were just two hours away in two different directions of the Major League Baseball teams of the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians.  We lived in SE Ohio, so we were in the position of not really caring over one Ohio baseball team over the other, we just loved watching, going to, or seeing an Ohio team succeed.  Baseball originated before the American Civil War in the eastern portion of the United States which is when they believe it first began in the state of Ohio.  Cincinnati, Ohio actually had the very first professional baseball team in United States history that began in 1867 and were called the Cincinnati Red Stockings.  My very first professional sports games were in Cincinnati and Cleveland watching baseball in the nosebleed seats and when I lived in Cincinnati in my early 20s, I attended so many games with my boyfriend and then husband, Bob, that we thought nothing of walking down to the stadium from our downtown apartment on any given game day and making an event of it.  We have a personalized brick in the now-Progressive Field stadium in Cleveland and we have been looking forward to the day when we could take both our girls to a baseball game.  The only thing is, Austin, Texas doesn’t have a major league baseball team, but they do have a minor league team called the Round Rock Express.

Round Rock Express is a minor league baseball team that is located just north of Austin, TX in their stadium is called Dell Diamond.  Originally the Express was affiliated with the Double-A team the Houston Astros, but now they are affiliated to the Triple-A team of the Texas Rangers! We scored four tickets for our family at Dell Diamond on an early Sunday game over Memorial Day weekend against the Reno Aces in Section 117, which are infield tickets in the section behind home plate.  Not too shabby!  If you are unfamiliar with minor/major league baseball games, each event has a promotional event attached to it and the game we went was called “H-E-B Kids Day” presented, of course, by the popular supermarket chain founded in Texas called H-E-B.  The game featured kids giveaways with pregame events outside the stadium and a post-game run the bases for kids 12 & under, so a total score.  While I’m on the subject, Dell Diamond has TONS of promotional events like Bring Your Dog to the Stadium Days, fireworks, and so many special theme events that you should definitely check out their schedule online for a special promotional opportunity that will make your trip even more special.

2016 Express vs Reno Aces on 5/29/2016 Tickets

RR FieldClick on Image to Enlarge

Our Round Rock Express/ Dell Diamond Experience

Before I start talking about our family’s own fab experience at the Round Rock Express Game, let me give you a few tips that were handy for us.  Bob and I are no strangers to traveling with little kids and we feel that by now we are baseball stadium experts.  However, this was our first time melding together both of our pastimes and here are some great tips when taking young children to Dell Diamond.


  1. Load up on the sun screen, bug spray, and baseball caps before you go!  It can be hot and miserable in Austin in the spring/summer months, so plan accordingly – and check the weather report before you go.
  2. Have some cash handy.  Sure, there are ATMs and most places take cash, but when you have two little ones who are running around like little crazy people, it’s always good to make your transactions as fast and pain free as possible.
  3. Check out the online map of the stadium to find where restrooms, ATMs, first-aid stations, and food concessions that are close to your seating section before you go.  No explanation necessary!
  4. Pack light!  Even if you have a little one in diapers, pack essentials only and if you must take a stroller, I’d stick with a small umbrella version.  You can thank me later…..
  5. Print out or have your tickets handy on your smart phone.  Sure you can wait at will call or try your luck with potential scalpers, but you are having a family day.  Don’t waste your time or try to save a few bucks when the digital age has made these events so much more user-friendly.  Plus, your kiddos don’t want to wait around because you want to save a dollar or two.
  6. Take a seventh inning stretch – and a second, and third, and a fourth, etc…..  Young kids get board and the stadium is a wonderful place to explore.  If you are taking young kids, especially if it’s their very first game, be prepared to only catch a quarter of the game if you are lucky.  This is for the experience so don’t tether them to their seats when they can explore everything the stadium as to offer.
  7. Day Games are the way to go for LITTLE kids.  Unless you have a baby that can sleep through anything, little kids will feel tired before a night game even begins.  We have a toddler, so an early afternoon game on a Sunday was the perfect fit for the four of us.  No meltdowns and people beside us were happy to see us and not cringing in horror if they wanted to get their drink on.

Food!  You can’t talk about going to a baseball game without talking about the food and beverages available at the stadium.  It’s like an unwritten rule for sports fans who look for stadium or local-centrist items you can’t find elsewhere.  Luckily, the Round Rock Express has a PDF guide on all of their storefront restaurants (see HERE) which also includes a legend to where all the First Aid stations and restrooms are located.  I’m including some of the more notable eateries for families you should definitely check out while at Dell Diamond below:

  • Coop & Kennel Pub, Sections 112, 113, 120
    • Fish and chips, grilled cheese hot dog
  • Fairlane’s, Section 118
    • Specialty hotdogs, including The “Marilyn” and “Elvis”
  • Kona Ice, Section 121, Outfield
    • Build your own sundae, snow cones
  • Rojo’s Southwestern Hideaway, Section 121
    • Taco flights, Texas cartina nachos
  • Frank’s Hotdogs, Section 125
    • Jalapeno cheese sausage
  • Southside Market and Barbecue, Section 123
    • Brisket, turkey platter

Honorary Mentions!  While our family did not partake in these little extras available at Dell Diamond, I would not be much of a reviewer if I didn’t mention all the extras you and your family can do while here.  Check out my fav Top 5:

  1. Have your Birthday and Anniversary Announced on the Scoreboard!  If you would like to have a birthday or anniversary listed on the scoreboard, please e-mail Wendy Abrahamsen at wendy@rrexpress.com. You must submit the information i24 hours in advance and your name will appear on the board in the middle of the third inning.
  2. Have a group of 100 or more people who want to perform the Star Spangled Banner at a Game? Groups of 100 or more can sing the National Anthem before the start of a game.  Way cool and find out more details here.
  3. Is your child part of a youth baseball or softball team in the area?  Join the Baseball Buddies and sign up to escort your favorite player on field.  Local youth baseball & softball teams now have the opportunity to walk on the field with the team at the start of the game with the Baseball Buddies package.  Check out all the cool perks here.
  4. Spend an extra $10 to have dinner at the Intel Club.  The stadium’s Intel Club have, what I hear is, an amazing Chef’s Table buffet that is available each game.  You and your family can watch the game indoors at the Intel Club or just stop by for the food.
  5. Reserving Rocking Chairs at a baseball game?  YUP!  Right under the Home Run Porch in the left field of the stadium there are really nice looking rocking chairs that you can either try your luck at getting on a first come, first serve bases when the gates open OR you can now reserve a rocking chair for the evening for $5. The rocking chair sales table is located under the Home Run Porch.

Our Dell Diamond Experience!

Our family had a blast at the Rock Rock Express vs. Reno Aces at Dell Diamond today.  I’ll let the pictures mostly speak for themselves, but I see this becoming a summer break tradition; perhaps even a Memorial Day weekend tradition in the following years.  Everything was so kid-friendly and there were plenty of opportunities to have fun and get out of the heat when needed.  Brooke was interested in learning the rules of the game, so we had plenty to talk about each inning.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1] The girls were so excited to get into the stadium and get their own brochure souvenir. 

FullSizeRender[2]  Kids age 8 and under can hang out in the Fun Zone’s playground which includes a Bounce House. This was a great way to pass the time before the game began.


FullSizeRender[3] FullSizeRender[4]  We had some great seats and because today was so hot at humid, we got the kids Kona Ice Sno-Cones and Dipping Dots ice cream over the course of the game.  It really helped them cool down in the heat and humidity!

FullSizeRender[5] FullSizeRender[6]  For just a dollar extra, you can buy your Dipping Dots in a Round Rock Express souvenir hat.  Well worth the additional buck!

The game was exciting, with the Reno Aces taking the lead in the first innings, but the Express rallied to a six score run inning at the bottom of the third to take the lead.  However, by the top of the 8th, the teams were tied.  No!!!  Brooke really wanted to see the Express win, but unfortunately the game went into two extra innings with the Reno Aces winning by just one run.  Oh well!  I guess that means we have to come back again soon to see our Express have victory!  Great experience, wonderful treats, and the perfect first baseball game to take the kids.  Check out Dell Diamond and bring the whole family!  We are glad we did.

Don’t forget to keep up with the Express on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Discounts Available!  You can purchase Round Rock Express rickets at a discount for seniors, kids, and military Servicemembers by calling the Dell Diamond Ticket Offices at (512) 255-2255.

2016 Round Rock Express vs Reno Aces at Dell Diamond (Local Austin, TX) (Events for Families)


List Price: Average $ 9.00-$ 23.00 per ticket (Price Varies Depending on Seat Section)


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