The Little Star (Paperback) (Infant Loss and Grief)

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The Little Star (Paperback) (Infant Loss and Grief)

According to a recent Save the Children report, one million newborns around the world die each year on their first day of life. In regards to this statistic, millions of families have experienced the pain of losing their child and sometimes are in the middle of explaining to their other children what happened to their younger sibling.

I used to write a yearly blog post on infant loss and support on the anniversary of my miscarriage, but I didn’t last year.  It’s been over five years so now that I’ve had the time and reflection from the loss, I’ve truly accepted it and feel ‘okay’ about it.  I don’t imagine I’ll ever feel better than just ‘okay’, and I’m actually at peace with that.  After I came home from my OBGYN and ultrasound appointment and knew I was carrying a child who was no longer living, my oldest daughter, Brooke, was still a baby herself.  She was laughing and smiling as tears poured down my face and she was none the wiser.  For that, I am grateful, but I also realize there are many, many families who deal with miscarriage and infant loss when they have other older kids who grasp the concept.  While we have completed our family with baby Brie’s birth in September 2013 and won’t need a book about infant loss for our kids personally, I wanted to review a book called “The Little Star” for parents and families who are dealing with this loss with their children.  I’m not one to have the right words at the right time, and reading books to my children on difficult subjects has always been helpful.  Losing a baby is not something anyone wants to go through, and if you do, you don’t always know how to handle it.  As parents, “The Little Star” gives us a way to talk about it with young children in our family who want to know what happened and the discussion questions and advice alone in the book is worth the price of the book.

“The Little Star” was written by Kay Moorby after a family friend had lost their child.The book follows the Star family, a family of starfish, that celebrate the birth of their newest Little Star.  It’s a huge celebration that turns quickly when Little Star is very ill and passes away.  It’s a tragic loss and the Star family is trying to cope.  Along with the beautiful illustrations, Moorby offers discussion questions and advice throughout the book that all families can benefit from and is relatable in how families and communities react to the situation.  “The Little Star” is based on the true story of the Mortimer family and how they coped with the death of their precious baby boy, Charlie, and supported their two boys, Harry and Adam after their loss.  The book includes the family’s brave decision to bring baby Leo into the world against the odds and it aims to support families who have been through a similar experience.  For families who are dealing with infant loss and have young children in their family, “The Little Star” provides information and discussion questions to help children deal with the death of a baby.  While I thought this would be a painful book for me to read, it was actually a very gentle and understanding book that I feel is a wonderful tool for parents and families who go through this difficult period of loss and grief.

The Little Star (Paperback) (Infant Loss and Grief)

List Price: $ 20.95 (Available at


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