I is for India (World Alphabets) (Hardcover)


I is for India (World Alphabets) (Hardcover)

From Bollywood to Peacock, from Namaskar to Tea, this photographic alphabet is a celebration of India in all its vast and colourful diversity.

Prodeepta Das (who has a lot of books available through Quarto Knows!) explores India’s customs, religions and culture, focusing both on the rhythms of the bustling cities, and on day-to-day village life.  What I personally love about this book is that while our family has read several of Das’s books about different cultures, his new release focuses on his home country, so it’s a unique look into a culture from someone who grew up there.  This is an alphabet book (each page goes through each letter of the alphabet, for example, ‘S’ for ‘Sadhu’) that goes beyond just learning your ABC’s, it’s snapshots of India with interesting brief details and even some words in Hindi.  Das’s photographs are vibrant and interesting and shows images depicting an India of today with a focus on the children of the area.  Our preschooler Brie loved looking through the book (she’s very obsessed with the ABC’s now!) and would point to different things and say, “What’s that?” and actually allow me to explain it to her based on what was written on the page.  Our older daughter, Brooke, who is a soon-to-be first grader, sat with us as we went through it and I was able to show her place points on a map as we read.  That was really helpful!  I love educational books that work well for both of my girls and I is for India is a true gem that includes subjects like language, culture, religion, festivals, and daily life in India.  It’s a great start to learning more about India in the future and serves as a perfect educational tool for preschoolers learning their alphabet.  

About the Author/Illustrator: Prodeepta Das was born in Cuttack, in eastern India. He is a freelance photographer and author whose pictures have been published in over 30 children’s books. In 1991 Inside India, which he also wrote, won the Commonwealth Photographer’s Award. Prodeepta’s books for Frances Lincoln are P is for Pakistan, Prita Goes to India, K is for Korea, We are Britain!, Geeta’s Day, I is for India, J is for Jamaica, Kamal Goes to Trinidad, P is for Poland, T is for Turkey, S is for South Africa, R is for Russiaand B is for Bangladesh.

I is for India (World Alphabets) (Hardcover)



List Price: $ 9.99

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