Breaking News: Bears to the Rescue (Hardcover)


Breaking News: Bears to the Rescue (Hardcover)

A missing cub, a carnival, and a gang of cat burglars… Hold on to your hats!

I’m interrupting this post to give you an update that the bear cub has been found.  I repeat, the bear cub has been found!

From cat burglars to a bear cub gone missing, Bearing News: Bears to the Rescue, is a follow-up sequel by best selling author David Biedrzycki’s book Breaking News: Bear Alert.  The hilarious bear family is back and the story is covered by a bumbling reporter and the never-shocked crew at Channel 3 News.  Nothing is off limits as news coverage continually interrupts itself to tell ‘breaking’ stories of bears on the hunt for their cub and the whole family arrives at the town carnival to solve their mystery.  In the interim, the bears ride the Ferris wheel, rock the roller coaster, and inadvertently foils another dastardly plot by the persistent cat burglars from Bear Alert.  It’s a mash-up of stories reminiscent of our crazy news culture and no story is too small to be BREAKING!  The story ends as the bear family discover their cub as the news reporter cries on camera about the beauty of the family reuniting.  It’s our current news situation at its ‘best’, emotional, over-the-top, and a hilarious tale where bears are the ones uncovering their cub and foiling cases in the process.  If only those bears were real perhaps our crime rate would be at the lowest levels in history while our local news stations will be there to milk each story for all its worth.  Hilarious!

About the Author/Illustrator:  David Biedrzycki has been drawing since he  was 4 years old. Growing up he wrote and  illustrated his own books for family and friends. A commercial artist since 1980, his art has appeared in magazines, book covers, billboards, posters, juice bottles and even ice cream boxes. He illustrated his first children’s book in 1996. Now David has returned to his first love of writing and illustrating his own books. He also visits over 70 schools a year sharing his work with aspiring writers, illustrators and readers.

About Charlesbridge Publishing:  ‘Books for Young Readers’.  Charlesbridge Publishing is a Watertown, Massachusetts independent publisher of children’s books for ages 0-14.  Charlesbridge first started publishing in 1989 and their very first books were alphabet books on nature.  Check out more of their alphabet books, as well as their entire catalog, here on their website.

Breaking News: Bears to the Rescue (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.95 (Currently on sale at for $ 15.07)

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