Grandpa Loves You (Hardcover)


Grandpa Loves You (Hardcover)

From the author-illustrator team that created Grandma Loves You! and Grandma’s Christmas Wish comes a touching story just for Grandpa and grandchild.

I love getting grandpa and grandma books for my kids and was especially excited to read Grandpa Loves You to my toddler, Brie, as we were Skyping with her grandparents (my parents) who live in Ohio.  Our girls’ other ‘Papa’ lives in Argentina and we just had a visit with him today after two years of not seeing him in person.  Wow!  I sometimes feel that my kids miss out on not living near their grandparents, but I am reminded that when they do get a chance to hang out with them it’s definitely extra-special.  I think that until you are a parent, it’s easy to overlook the role your parents played in your life and having two daughters has made me relate to my parents in a totally different way than ever before.  The amount of time and dedication parents need to put into each of their children’s lives in pretty life-changing and the role never seems to diminish.  Sure, your children grow up and no longer need you for their basic care, but seeking advice and enjoying and understanding their lives into adulthood.  I’m happy that I can turn to my parents for support on everything from questions about buying a house to asking if I behaved similar to either of my daughters when I was young.  My dad has become a sort of financial adviser to me when I ask him and I can tell he really enjoys playing the grandpa to Brooke and Brie!  Papa is the same way with his granddaughters.  It’s really awesome.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender[2]  ‘Papa’ visiting Brooke and Brie in Austin from Buenos Aires!  Yay!

Grandpa Loves You is a familiar book from author Helen Foster James who wrote a similar book called Grandma Loves You!  The book is told in the same charming verse with the adorable bunny characters of Grandpa Bunny and little grand-kid bunny as we read in Grandma.  Grandpa and grandchild bunny have lots of fun together exploring outside and having fun.  My favorite part of the book is the ending when Grandpa bunny falls fast asleep next to grandchild bunny after a wonderful (and tiring!) day of being together.  As someone who loves to watch my girls have so much fun with the grandparents visit, I can certainly relate to the very true ending that all that fun wears both a little one and a grandparent out!  This is a fantastic book for children and would make an excellent gift to a grandparent on National Grandparents Day in September.

About the Author:  Helen Foster James is a former teacher and coordinator of library media services.  She received her doctorate from Northern Arizona University.  This is her seventh book with Sleeping Bear Press.  Other books include Grandma Loves You!, Grandma’s Christmas Wish, S is for S’Mores: A Campfire Alphabet, Little California, and Paper Son: Lee’s Journey to America.

Grandpa Loves You (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 15.99 (Now on sale at for $11.37)

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