Linda Half Moon Leather Jewelry Box by Morelle & Co. (Gifts for Moms)


Linda Half Moon Leather Jewelry Box by Morelle & Co. (Gifts for Moms)

This half-moon leather jewelry box will help you keep your jewelry and other trinkets organized in style.

It’s official!  I now have enough jewelry to actually need a jewelry box.  Shock!  I’ve started to accumulate personalized jewelry that I love and want to take good care of it.  As I’ve learned, when you start to get so many pieces, it’s actually hard to keep track of them unless you have a special compartment to put them in a display.  I fell in love with the Linda Half Moon Jewelry Box by Morelle & Co. because it’s unique looking, beautiful, and has everything I need to keep my rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings on display.

The Linda Half Moon Leather Jewelry Box features a take-out compartment with spots to hold your rings and many places to place the rest of your jewelry on top of having a mirror for a last-minute look at yourself before you leave your house.  Even though this case is compact, there is so much space for all of my jewelry and the separate takeout compartment makes organizing your jewelry super easy.  The box also includes a key, which I wasn’t sure I needed – UNTIL I remembered that I have two little jewelry ‘thieves’ (AKA my daughters) and I have found that having a key is a very smart idea.  The dimensions on this box are 7.625 inches x 7.125 inches x 3.125 inches, but it feels a lot bigger with the takeout compartment.  The box is well-made and holds a lot of jewelry for its size.  It’s a sturdy and elegant looking jewelry box and it’s even one that could easily travel with you!  The jewelry box is available in colors; black,cream, dazzling blue, nectarine, paloma grey, raspberry, red, violet, and tulip, so you can find the perfect color just for you.  Perfect as a gift or as a special item to give yourself – because you are worth it!

About Morelle & Co.:  Morelle & Co. is a New York based business that has over ten years manufacturing fine leather jewelry boxes for high end retailers. They are experts in this line of business and they listen to their customers preferences to develop their fine products.

Linda Half Moon Leather Jewelry Box by Morelle & Co. (Gifts for Moms)

List Price: $ 33.19


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