Kahina Launches Traditional Beldi Soap (Beauty for Moms)


Kahina Launches Traditional Beldi Soap (Beauty for Moms)

A Traditional Skin Softening Treatment Direct from the Moroccan Hammam

Whew!  I had to really study up on what a Moroccan Hammam is and what Beldi Soap was even before I could start to do this review.  Let me see if I can break it all down for you because it is pretty exciting that Kahina has launched it’s own Traditional Beldi Soap for purchase.  If you have never heard of a Hammam, you are not alone, it was all new to me, too!

What is a Hammam? 

Think of a hammam as a traditional Moroccan spa that has a rich history of Moroccan rituals of cleansing and purification. There are still plenty of traditional hammams in Morocco and people go there in order to revive, rejuvenate, and relax.  One of the most notable traditions that is used in these Moroccan spas is a cleansing and exfoliating step using Moroccan Beldi Soap, also called Savon Noir, which is applied with an exfoliating mitt called a “kessa.”
What is Beldi Soap? 

Beldi literally means “traditional” or “authentic” in Moroccan and the soap is almost gel-like and made with oils that are used to be applied to the body as a masque.  It’s considered a Moroccan specialty!

The Moroccan Beldi Soap Treatment

I read with aching eyes about the luxurious sounding treatment of the Beldi Soap wishing for my own personal spa day at a hammam.  The treatment starts by opening the body’s pores with hot water and steam and the Beldi Soap is applied liberally over the body.  You then work the soap into a lather and keep the treatment on your body for up to ten minutes to allow the soap to penetrate the skin.  Most Beldi Soaps contain eucalyptus for therapeutic properties (such properties include anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, and antibacterial.)  The Beldi is then rinsed from the skin while the skin is scrubbed with an exfoliating mitt.  Sounds heavenly, right?

Want to make your own Hammam Experience right at home?  Kahina has created a Moroccan Beldi Soap made in the traditional varieties.  It’s all-natural and made with pure olive oil and scented with ecualptus essential oil.  Yum.  And – get this – with every purchase of Kahina’s Moroccan Beldi Soap through their website, they are offering a FREE pharmacy grade kessa mitt so you can replicate the exfoliating hammam experience at home.  If you don’t have a steam room or sauna in your house (I sure don’t!) Kahina recommends heating your bathroom with a hot shower to steam and rinse your skin or even doing a soak in a hot bath to soften your skin before applying.

If you are thinking, “Yeah!  That sounds great, but I have little kids and limited time in the bathroom to myself!”  Hey, I hear ya!  Well, while you may not be able to always treat yourself to a homemade spa day, the Moroccan Beldi Soap can most definitely be used for simple cleansing as a deliciously scented soap replacement.  So, yes, moms, it’s still worth the use although I highly recommend getting the kids to a sitter and steaming up your bathroom for a full on homemade hammam experience.  Not only did I get to learn about this beauty treatment ritual from Morocco, I got to experience it myself at home and it is just as delicious as it sounds.  Now to start saving for a trip to northern Africa to try the real thing!  Hey, I can dream. 

  • Scented with eucalyptus and naturally rich in vitamin E
  • The gel-like soap made from saponified olive oil acts as a body masque and is a Moroccan specialty.
  • Available in two sizes: resealable travel/sample and full

Kahina Launches Traditional Beldi Soap (Beauty for Moms)


List Price: $ 38.00 (250 g.)


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