The Power Of Me: A powerful program for young people (Paperback) *Q&A with Authors*


The Power Of Me: A powerful program for young people (Paperback)

This Power of Me program, when properly understood and followed, will help young people achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives.

“There is hardly a day that goes by in one of my seminars, where someone does not come up to me and ask about material that will help build the self-esteem of their children. Today I would suggest they get hold of a program called ‘The Power Of Me’. Russell, Fran & Nicki have dedicated themselves to developing a very unique and simple method to capture the attention of children without any specific bias in learning about their own individual uniqueness and more importantly, how to use it. This material is the very foundation to build into our children the qualities of leadership and the characteristics necessary to do it.”

John Kanary
President, LifeSuccess Consultants
“Create some fire & pass the torch”

Believe in yourself.
Dare to dream.
Dream Big.

Anything you want Is possible.

Francesca Traill was tired of watching her children and their classmates struggle with low self-esteem. Perhaps they didn’t fit into a particular peer group, or weren’t interested in the same things as the “cool” kids. Why were they suffering for their individuality? Why weren’t the things that made them unique being celebrated?  Traill consulted with Nicolina Bernabei-Myszka, a primary school teacher, and Russell Aitken, a facilitator for Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” self-help series, in order to come up with a solution.  The result is The Power of Me!, a new book designed to help young people achieve their full potential. The program is built to encourage kids to embrace their unique qualities in order to combat bullying, a lagging school system, and society’s jaded definition of success.

“There are many children struggling to accept who they are simply because they do not fit into a particular square,” Traill said. “The program we’ve created encourages those children to believe in themselves and unlock their full potential.”

I strongly believe in my children and believe they can achieve what they want out of life.  But, their lives are not mine to navigate.  Self-doubt and low self esteem plagued me as a young child all the way up into my teens.  While I’ve had my up and down battles with these issues that cause anxiety, I can say I am happy with myself and have high hopes for me and my future.  I want my children to believe in themselves from the beginning, whether it is starting a new school, beginning a new subject, or making a new friend.  I can’t live their lives for them and I realize that most of their waking day is spent with children and teachers at their schools.  The Power of Me book talks about a very useful program that helps encourage and teach children to embrace who the are and to believe in themselves.  The book highlights several useful skills, including goal setting, visualization, treasure mapping, and self-talk. The authors hope to build a foundation of self-confidence that will extend through childhood to last a lifetime.

My first thought was, “will this tool be useful?” and my second thought was, “can I implement the ideas in the program in my own home successfully?”  Ultimately, I decided it was worth the work and effort to understand the program and try to use the teaching tools in the book to talk and work with my kids (especially my oldest) about their own power and self esteem.  My oldest is able to understand that she is able to set her own goals and be able to fulfill her wishes and desires through work and dedication.  The main takeaway, for me, is that the important thing in my daughters’ lives is that they accept their own unique selves and not change who they are as a person in order to fulfill a plan that someone else has for them – even if that person is me.  I see my duty as a parent is teaching and disciplining my kids, but the whole point is to give them my true acceptance of who they are as people because their future and visualization of that is their own.  The Power of Me program is not for parents, it is for our kids to become true to who they are and not accept anything less.  It’s a difficult thing to do, even for adults, but to understand that each of us has our own power of choice and direction in our life is a huge key to being happy and fulfilling your own needs and desires.

The Power of Me program teaches:

  • Goal Setting
  • Visualization
  • How The Mind Works
  • Power Of Choice
  • Treasure Mapping
  • Self-Talk / Affirmations

Q&A with Authors Aitken, Traill, and Bernabei-Myszka:

  1. As a parent to young girls, what do you think is the most important thing that my husband and I can teach our children through a program like The Power of Me?  That everyone is different and that that difference should be celebrated and not be made fun of. It’s about recognizing your own special desires and how to go about getting them and fulfilling them while realizing your own self worth. And it’s about helping others along the way because nothing great is ever accomplish on your own. We need others whether its to see as an example of how to do things better or different or even if its to see how things shouldn’t be done.
  2.  How do you help your child to focus on their goals in life, especially younger children?  It’s all about them. Helping them understand themselves to the best of their ability. Once that is underway, then they know exactly what they want – for themselves. When they decide on a goal it comes from within and the motivation is strong. Help them plan or map it out to the goal and watch them soar. The joy it brings to watch your own children strive to their goals is such a reward. Keep track of their progress and help them if they need it. Give them genuine praise, not hot air.
  3. Peer pressure from school is very powerful for kids.  What things do you recommend for parents to do to show their child that they are unique and to not let others make them feel like they have to change in order to be accepted?   Find examples of other kids/people like them that have achieved great things. History (both recent and past) is full of stories of people that defied odds and came out trumps. People that according to society or science shouldn’t have achieved what they did, but did it anyway.  Help them to see what they are good at and not what they are not. Always, always highlight the positive and the potential.
  4. I love that the Power of Me program teaches about affirmations.  What is the most important thing that parents can take away from the program on helping kids with their own self-talk?  Like Winston Churchill said – Never Give Up…… If children are trying to increase their self esteem, their self talk they will invariably come up against some roadblocks. This is just the sub conscious not wanting to change too easily. Help your child see that they have confidence. “No I don’t” they might say…most children are confident that they can get out of bed in the morning and walk to the kitchen – right? Now they weren’t born with that confidence, they were born with the potential. How did they get that confidence? They got a picture in their mind of themselves walking – just like mum, dad, brother/sister and they tried and tried until they could. That is how you build confidence in anything. Confidence is Action. Help them to see this, make it simple….
  5. I personally struggle with anxiety and I like reading about the power of the mind and how feelings and emotions work.  Does teaching about how the mind works help overcome issues of self-doubt and anxiety?  Most definitely. Understanding how your mind works is so worth the time. See all behavior, feelings and emotions are learned and once you understand how your mind works, you understand how you can unlearn something. Or learn a new “program” so to speak, that overrides the old one and supersedes previous “programs” or beliefs.


About the authors:  Aitken, Traill, and Bernabei-Myszka all have extensive experience working with children with low self-esteem, both in their personal and professional lives. They have dedicated themselves to developing a very unique and simple method to capture the attention of children without any specific bias in learning about their own individual uniqueness and more importantly, how to use it.

The Power Of Me: A powerful program for young people (Paperback)

List Price: $ 31.95

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