KEEN Coronado Shoes for Kids through

Tiny Soles

KEEN Coronado Shoes for Kids through

TinySoles is a shoe store dedicated to providing the most complete selection of stylish, comfortable shoes for babies, infants, toddlers and kids.

About TinySoles:  TinySole’s story begins in early 2007 as three mothers who were on a mission to find quality, development appropriate footwear for their infants. Unable to find anything in their local area, they turned to the internet. After disappointing experiences with online retailers and their lack of product knowledge, they discovered that most stores sell shoes picked for fashion over foot development. As they began to understand what healthy foot development was and why it is so important, their kids footwear became harder to find. They often discussed the latest developments in their SOLE search and began to wonder why there wasn’t a children’s shoe store dedicated to healthy foot development with exceptional customer service by knowledgeable staff. Their mission to find the ultimate shoe experience soon became their obsession and TinySoles was born.

As Brooke and I settled down to find a perfect new pair of athletic shoes for school, which I swear she outgrows every other month, we loved the excellent selections from various shoe companies available from  There are so many brands to choose from, I’m just going to link to the manufacturers they work with here so you can go check out all the awesome selections.  Brooke went GAGA over a Coronado print shoe by KEEN Kids Footwear and it’s easy to see why.  This Portland based company create products with play in mind and uses materials that minimize their environmental imprint.  Plus, they just look COOL.  Here is the pair she decided to get:

KeenKEEN Kids Footwear


KEEN Kids Coronado Print, is a classic canvas sneaker made for outside wear-and-tear and is updated with bright prints and built with a sustainable sole (yay!) Elements like natural canvas, recycled aluminum eyelets and an adhesive-free vulcanized rubber offer durable protection for growing feet while minimizing their environmental footprint. An easy on/off adjustable instep strap, non-marking natural rubber outsoles and canvas uppers are as practical as they are fun.  My hope is that these durable sneakers will get her through the rest of the school year intact and maybe *gasp* even into the summer months when she starts summer camp.  One thing is for sure, with online sizing, availability, and selection, online shoe buying has become our favorite way to get new sneakers and is quickly becoming my go-to place to find a great selection of sustainable sneakers for our kiddos.


  • Aluminum eyelets
  • Hook and loop strap over instep
  • Natural canvas upper
  • Non-marking natural rubber outsole
  • Vegan
  • Vulcanized construction


About KEEN Kids!  KEEN Kids shoes feature the same comfort, fit, and durability as their famous adult counterparts. What’s at the heart of the KEEN Kids line? Simple, fun styles that makes sense for kids everywhere. Inspired by freedom and designed to accompany kids on their adventures, the KEEN Kids line offers high performance sandals and shoes for infants, toddlers, children & Youth. KEEN Kids shoes feature the same comfort, fit, and durability as their famous adult counterparts.

KEEN Coronado Shoes for Kids through

List Price: $ 45.00

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