Nighlight Toilet Seat by Kohler


Nighlight Toilet Seat by Kohler

Get inspired by the latest in kitchen and bathroom design.

We are moving into a new house and all the new house sounds and noises can be a little scary to our two girls who have both only known of our last rental home as the only place they every lived.  Apparently, the new bathroom is a scary place for both of them.  The light switch is on the ‘wrong side’, the bathtub is shaped differently, and the toilet – well, that’s a whole story in itself.  The run-ins with the new potty at night were completely curbed when we found this AMAZING nightlight toilet seat by KOHLER.  Yes, it’s a toilet seat that is also a nightlight!  WOW.

With KOHLER Nightlight technology, your child can safely locate the toilet in the dark without turning on the light!  Cool!  The Cachet toilet seat offers a choice of two brightness levels so you can adjust the lighting as you please. An LED guide light on a 7-hour cycle helps you see your toilet in the dark, and LED lighting illuminates the bowl when the lid is lifted.  We really love the unique Grip-Tight bumpers that hold the seat firmly in place to prevent shifting. The seat is soft-close and has innovative technology that prevents the seat from slamming.  It’s simple to clean and install and has made our move transition that much easier.  We are even thinking of getting one for our master bathroom because it is so practical as well as being a great conversation piece for guests.  Bravo KOHLER!



  • Light intensity designed to provide enough light to see the toilet without disrupting nighttime vision.
  • Choose between two brightness levels: a soft glow or a brighter illumination.
  • Dual LED lighting includes guiding light when lid is down and task light when lid is lifted.
  • Illumination cycle with automatic 7-hour nightlight.
  • Battery-operated – no electrical cords required.
  • Up to 6 months of battery life (uses 4 AA batteries, not included).
  • Quiet-Close lid closes slowly and quietly without slamming.
  • Grip-Tight bumpers add stability and prevent shifting.
  • Quick-Release hinges allow seat to be unlatched from toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning; no tools required.
  • Quick-Attach® hardware for fast and secure installation.
  • Color-matched plastic hinges.


Easy on the eyes

  • The dual LED lighting on Nightlight is designed to provide optimal light intensity for guidance without disturbing your nighttime vision. No need to flip a switch and brace yourself for the harsh bathroom light that stuns your sleepy eyes.
  • Choose between two brightness levels for the task light that illuminates the bowl when the lid is lifted and the guiding light that illuminates the toilet when the lid is down.

Two lights are better than one

  • The guiding light, located in the seat’s hinge, is visible with the lid down. It projects a gentle glow onto the toilet’s tank so users can easily see the toilet area when entering the bathroom.
  • With the lid lifted, users can see the task light illuminating the bowl for improved sight in dark or dim lighting.

About Kohler:  The company’s founder, John Michael Kohler, was an Austrian immigrant, a businessman and a visionary. In 1873 he purchased a foundry in rural Wisconsin that produced a variety of cast-iron and steel products.  From those humble beginnings, the company has grown into a multifaceted global family of brands that lead the way to enhance our customers’ sense of gracious living.

Nighlight Toilet Seat by Kohler

List Price: $ 77.50


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