Customize your Fitbit or Apple Watch with iPops customizing charms! (Fashion for Moms)



Customize your Fitbit or Apple Watch with iPops customizing charms!

Customize Your Time with iPops!

With FitBit and Apple Watch finding a permanent place on our wrists, it’s time to update your favorite tech accessory with iPops, the only charms designed to fit perfectly into watch wristbands! Featuring more than 130 charms, iPops is offering early bird discounts on pre-orders through their Kickstarter campaign that has just ONE WEEK left to meet their goal!


I’ve always been obsessed with trinkets and it started when I was a child.  Any one remember those plastic trinket necklaces from the 80s?  I was ALL over that.  Getting a new trinket to customize my necklace was a big deal and I’m pretty sure I had so much trinket bling after several years of diligently collecting them that my necklace slightly resembled a Mr. T accessory.  “Arm candy” as an adult now takes on a whole new meaning with iPops, the only charms collection dedicated to making your watch, FitBit or Apple Watch look new again. In this day and age of wearable technology, your favorite digital or even analog timepiece can now be distinguished with fun charms that reflect your hobbies, families, favorite sports and even your favorite pooch.

Perfect for men, women and teens, iPops is designed to fit perfectly into the FitBit and Apple Watch wristband for a shiny new makeover for every season, special occasion or holiday. iPops offers an expansive catalog of over 130 charms, from coffee tumblers to Americana and even stylish Bohemian-inspired sets, giving users the ability to combine all of their charms into one cohesive collection for their wristband.


Creator of iPops!

Created by stay-at-home mom of three, Lucy Simones set out to invent iPops from scratch after realizing her Apple Watch needed a little sparkle. Living with diabetes, Simones relies on her Apple Watch to track her blood sugar levels, but the bulkiness of the watch has also kept her favorite charm bracelets in a jewelry box.  These charms are sure to be crowd-pleasers for gifts, favors, or the start of an impressive hobby collection. In fact, iPops were recently featured in exclusive swag bags at the 88th Annual Academy Awards!  WOW! Preorder your own set of iPops charms today at an early bird discount starting at $4 for one iPop or $10 for a set of three iPops, just in time for Mother’s Day, graduation, thank you gifts for teachers and even Father’s Day!

  • Comes in single pack, double pack or triple pack
  • Fits perfectly in adjustment holes for FitBit and Apple Watch
  • Can fit in other types of wristbands
  • Made from high quality zinc alloy

Customize your Fitbit or Apple Watch with iPops customizing charms!

List Price: $4.00 for one, $10.00 for three

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