Big Chickie, Little Chickie: A Book of Opposites (Board book)


Big Chickie, Little Chickie: A Book of Opposites (Board book)

In the newest addition to the hilarious series, the Chickies say cheese, while young readers learn their opposites

It’s almost Easter!  Easter falls on March 27 this year, so it’s time to start writing about the Easter-esque books we are reading in our household.  With rhyming words and great illustrations, the Chickies help babies and toddlers have fun while learning the fundamentals in this padded paper-over-board perfect for little hands. In this newest book, the Chickies are learning about opposites by taking pictures of opposites (taking a picture of a frown and then a picture of a smile) and creating a book.  As always, the Chickies are hilarious, entertaining, and always keeping their older animal friends; Cow, Pig, and Sheep – busy with their little chickie ways.  The girls and I always get a huge laugh reading the books together and since learning about opposites is right up our toddler’s alley, Brie had the most fun of all as Brooke, daddy, and I read/sang the words.  The Chickies also have downloads and activities available for FREE on the website, too!

Chickies up.
Chickies down.
Chickies smile.
Chickies frown.

Clickety-CLICK! Chickies pose for a pic!

About the Author and Illustrator:  Janee Trasler loves to make kids laugh. Whether she’s writing and illustrating books, singing silly songs, or making puppets do their thing, she’s going for the giggle. Janee lives in Grapevine, Texas with her husband John, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a big ol’ pile of puppets.

Big Chickie, Little Chickie: A Book of Opposites (Board book)

List Price: $ 8.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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