I’m Thankful (Paperback)


I’m Thankful (Paperback)

Sometimes the people, places, and things we take for granted are the things for which we need to show gratitude.

I’m Thankful is a beautiful reminder to children that they have many things and people they can be thankful for in life.  It’s a great teaching tool as well as a topic for family discussions.  The book is full of short, rhyming verses and beautiful illustrations that point out the many wonderful people and things that children have in their lives but often take for granted or fail to realize. Being a kid can be hard at times and this book offers comfort and a feeling of joy. Little ones can easily memorize a verse to recall at times when they need a boost in confidence.

The illustrator, Brian Rice incorporates illustrations of people of all ages, abilities and ethnicity, which is refreshing. The author, Terri-Sue Hill, gives kids reminders to not take things for granted and to be thankful ALL YEAR ROUND (not just on Thanksgiving!)  The book clearly states that it is the relationships with others and the natural beauty that surrounds us that are things we should always appreciate.  I’m Thankful is a great book for everyone to read and it really makes you stop and appreciate EVERYTHING in your lives.  What a beautiful and meaningful book!

Give thanks to those around you.

Show gratitude to all

who make this world a better place

and list us when we fall.

About the Author:  Terri-Sue Hill is an elementary school teacher with over twenty-five years of service teaching preschool to sixth-grade students. Her experience includes teaching gifted and talented students and students with special needs. In 1999, she was awarded Teacher of the Year for Long Beach Unified School District and was awarded a commendation from Los Angeles County. Terri-Sue maintains membership in the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She has two published poems, one of which received Honorable Mention in a nationwide contest for teachers. Terri-Sue belongs to the Institute of Noetic Science, which promotes peaceful living on a global scale.

I’m Thankful (Paperback)


List Price: $ 13.95 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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