Private Reserve Blends from Community Coffee Company


Private Reserve Blends from Community Coffee Company

Community® Private Reserve® Coffee Packaging Update is Good as Gold

CCprivate2Private Reserve® Evangeline Blend™, Louisiana Blend®, Founder’s Blend and Espresso Blend

Community Coffee Company, the largest family-owned and operated coffee company in the United States, unveils the new packaging for its Private Reserve® coffee.   The history of Community Coffee goes all the way back to 1919 in Baton Rogue, LA when creator, Cap Saurage, began selling his coffee to local people and grocery stores.  Four generations later, the same family is still selecting, roasting and perfecting great-tasting blends for coffee lovers everywhere.  Ther new Private Reserve® coffees are now featured in a contemporary gold package and hits shelves this spring but is now currently available online for those who want to try it now!

“The vibrant, elegant packaging update will increase trial at the shelf, and once people taste our rich, smooth Community® Private Reserve® coffee, they’ll return again and again to enjoy these robust and high-quality blends,” said Scott Eckert, Vice President of Marketing, Community Coffee Company.

The updated packaging is consistent with Community Coffee’s recent brand refresh and increases interest among today’s gourmet coffee consumers. Private Reserve® consumers are known to have a deep interest in a coffee’s origin, how it is created, the story that accompanies it and the passion behind the product.  The new packaging more effectively communicates the uniqueness of this product line by explaining the special relationships and stories behind each coffee. Private Reserve® coffees are available in whole bean and ground and include Louisiana Blend® coffee, Evangeline Blend™ coffee, Espresso, Founder’s Blend, Colombia Toledo-Labateca, Brazil Santos Bourbon, Sumatra and Rwanda. To learn more and to purchase online, visit  If you are looking for Community Coffee locally, try your nearest Target store!


CCPrivatePrivate Reserve® Rwanda

The NEW Community® Private Reserve® line

The Community® Private Reserve® line is an exclusive collection of blends and single-origin coffees made from 100% specialty-grade Arabica coffee. Each unique coffee represents a story of the company’s rich heritage and of special relationships built with farmers worldwide over several decades. The new flavors are bold with rich flavors that I love for my morning cup of joe.  I was so excited to be able to get the coffee in K-Cups, and soon the new private line reserve will hit the stores this spring.  Community Coffee Company’s four generations of experience combined with its exclusive specialty-grade coffee create a quality taste and meaningful brand connection that supports local communities.  Awesome!

Brewing for a Better Tomorrow!  Community Coffee’s Cash for Schools® program has contributed to thousands of schools over the past 25 years by providing nearly $8M for textbooks, computers, playground equipment, and more. Wow!  Enroll online and earn cash for your school with every purchase of Community® coffee.

Donations for Schools!  Community Coffee Company is committed to giving back to the local communities they serve. They focus primarily on programs that benefit the local educational systems grades Pre-K through 12 as well as non-profit charitable organizations with 501(c)3 status. If you would like to request their participation in an event or a product donation, please submit your request a minimum of 30 days prior to your event on this online request form here.

About Community Coffee Company:  Now in its 96th year, Community Coffee Company houses the largest family-owned and operated retail coffee brand in America, and four generations of the Saurage family have operated the company since its inception. Founded in 1919, Community Coffee Company is an importer, roaster and distributor of the highest-quality premium coffees and teas, using only 100% Arabica coffee beans. For additional information, visit or find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Private Reserve Blends from Community Coffee Company

List Price: $ 11.99 (18 K-Cups)

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