The Bunny Burrow Buyer’s Book: A Tale of Rabbit Real Estate (Hardcover)


The Bunny Burrow Buyer’s Book: A Tale of Rabbit Real Estate (Hardcover)

This saga of a swiftly increasing family of rabbits in search of a new place to call their own, rendered in exquisitely detailed artwork featuring cut-outs and gatefolds, is a perfect book for small children whose families are moving to a new home.

The Bunny Burrow Buyer’s Book: A Tale of Rabbit Real Estate came into our lives at the right time!  We are (or were since by the time this review posts, it will be after the fact…) in the middle of purchasing our very first home.  We aren’t alone.  According to the US Census Bureau, around 40 million Americans move into a new house each year and growing families account for a significant percentage of the numbers because they outgrow their spaces.  Young children (between preschool and elementary-school age) can feel particularly anxious about moving into a new home and this book is to help children anticipate the change with positive feelings.  Since we have a kindergartner and a preschooler, this book is perfect for us as we get ready to move.

In The Bunny Burrow Buyer’s Book, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit are having baby bunnies, and their burrow-for-two is just too small to accommodate a growing family.  Luckily, they know to whom to call; the forest real estate agent!  And, like many people looking for a new home, the Rabbits look at a lot of different places to find the perfect space.  However, they keeping looking, and looking, and looking…..and still no space feels quite right. Will the Rabbit family ever find their perfect space?

The beautiful artwork is a wonderful book for a new (or potential) homeowner with small children.  There is a single, black brushstroke that runs through the entire book that provides a line that can be traced by little fingers from page to page.  The author uses detailed pen-and-ink style to show the various forest homes and the creatures who currently inhabit them.  The visible above-ground part of each burrow appears above the line, and the underground portion is shown below the line with circular die cuts in each page that allow the reader to peek into each burrow.  Finding and moving into the right home can be a very exciting time and this story is a wonderful way to get kids feeling happy and less anxious about the new change of location.  This is a definite two thumbs up book for my family and I feel lucky to have been able to read it to my girls (especially the oldest) before we do our own move!

About the AuthorSteve Light is the author of many best-selling children’s books, including the Vehicles Go! series (Trucks Go!, Trains Go!, Diggers Go!, Planes Go! and Boats Go!, all from Chronicle) and Have You Seen My Dragon? (Candlewick, 2014.) Steve is a preschool teacher and professional storyteller who lives with his wife in New York City.  Steve’s website is

The Bunny Burrow Buyer’s Book: A Tale of Rabbit Real Estate (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 19.95 (Currently on sale at for $ 13.40)

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