EdTechLens’ New Online K-5 Life Science Curriculum Features the Beauty and Splendor of the Rainforest


EdTechLens’ New Online K-5 Life Science Curriculum Features the Beauty and Splendor of the Rainforest

Rainforest Journey uses technology to provide multiple ways for parents to creatively teach their children about Life Science

EdTechLens’ life science e-learning program, Rainforest Journey, just moved to a new platform customized for K-5 users and their teachers!  Designed to engage young children in learning life science concepts, the new Rainforest Journey features a customizable, easy-to-use platform that delivers vibrant, multimedia content to children ages 5 – 12. Developed by online curriculum company EdTechLens, Rainforest Journey provides lessons that parents can use to teach their children life science at home, or to supplement the life science lessons they’re learning in school.

Check it out!  Here is a sample lesson plan for kindergartners for Rainforest Journey.

Rainforest Journey is a beautiful, engaging program to teach children concepts like the water cycle and the parts of an ecosystem.  The company has been pilot-testing Rainforest Journey for the past year and received great feedback on ways to improve the program. With the new platform children can take a linear path through the lessons or parents can assign specific lessons to their child.

“In a nutshell, we are all about the potent combination of engaging content and the effective use of technology,” said Ellen Senisi, the lead creator of Rainforest Journey.

Rainforest Journey teaches the life science component of the elementary school science curriculum through the lens of a trip to the rainforest. Parents have access to lessons, lesson reviews, assessments, primary source materials and hands-on activities. Each lesson includes non-fiction reading passages accompanied by video clips and vivid photographs designed to engage students and pique a child’s curiosity about science. The first four modules I did with Brooke at the kindergarten level discussed the layers of the rainforest (emergent, canopy, understory, and the forest floor) and we enjoyed all the pictures, videos, and print-out review material which aided in learning.  There are so many great teacher resources including references to learning standards and core curriculum for each lesson.

If you are using Rainforest Journey at home, I have found that it’s almost like a homeschooling platform with review activities, teacher resources, and going through the material before and with my child….so if you are not a homeschooling parent and don’t want that type of commitment, Rainforest Journey would probably be better left to teachers.  The only caveat to that would be older children who can navigate the website themselves and who are committed to learning the material with little oversight.  That said, this is definitely a wonderful life sciences website for teachers and homeschooling parents!


“Rainforest Journey is my son’s favorite part of his homeschool day,” said Shelly Mabe, who used the program with her son. “I have to sit next to him and learn with him because if I am anywhere else in the house, he’s constantly saying, “Mom! Look at this!”

Rainforest Journey works on any computer or handheld device connected to the Internet. The lessons are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the New York State Science Standards and each section includes a Lexile score and word count. In addition, the program provides activities that can be printed out to extend the program offline.

Rainforest Journey allows parents to track their children’s comprehension of the material by reviewing how their children did on end-of-unit assessments.  The flexible design of the Rainforest Journey interface allows it to be used successfully with children of all skill levels. Features such as dictated text, a vocabulary glossary and leveled reading sections make Rainforest Journey a valuable supplemental resource to gifted and talented children, children in need of literacy support, and children with special needs.

Special Offers Available!  Parents can access a limited version of the program for free. Visit www.edtechlens.com/sign-up to view subscription options. Current special offers can be viewed by clicking “Special Offers” on the home page: www.edtechlens.com.

About EdTechLens:  Founded in 2014, EdTechLens (www.edtechlens.com) creates unique online curricula, incorporating theme-based learning and nonfiction into K-5 classrooms. The Rainforest Journey program incorporates the team’s personal experiences, which contributes to the feeling of “being there” and helps students retain the concepts. EdTechLens lessons utilize multimedia components including photographs, video clips, original music and sound effects into its lessons to foster true student engagement. For more information, visit edtechlens.com.

EdTechLens’ New Online K-5 Life Science Curriculum Features the Beauty and Splendor of the Rainforest


List Price: $ 50 a year per grade level

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