303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games (SmartFun Activity Books) Paperback (New Year’s Resolution)


303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games (SmartFun Activity Books) Paperback (New Year’s Resolution)

Founded in 1985, Turner Publishing is an award-winning, independent publisher based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Each year around Christmas-time I like to get our family thinking about the New Year and ways in which we can be healthier.  Eating right and exercising seems to be on everyone’s ‘to do’ list, but without a guide and motivation it can be a difficult thing to maintain throughout the year.  That is why I thought the book 303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games was such a timely message for our life. The point of the book is to motivate kids (and adults) to exercise in a fun way.  The chapters include such wonderful guidance on things like; How to Motivate Kids to Be Active, Stretching and Flexibility Exercises, Mind and Body Exercises, Core Strengthening, Fitness Games, Developing Muscle Strength, Sports Fitness and much, more, more!

303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games helps 6-8 year old kids get off their chairs with fun and age-appropriate exercises. Exercise for children must be fun. Shock!  These exercises have been used for personal training sessions, kids fitness classes, kids fitness camps, birthday parties and in schools; they have all been “Kid-Approved!”.  Kimberley Wechsler, a specialist in Kid’s Fitness, took into account the fundamental attributes of being a child while developing these exercises. Children have specific physiologic differences that make them unique. They grow, mature, and develop skills at different ages, so what may be skill appropriate for one child could be harmful for another child. These exercises reflect the emotional, social, physical level of this age group.

At this young age, kids have a tendency to not want to sit still and have short attention spans, so this book has a lot of great 15 minute period activities to get the fitness ball rolling.  Children feel confident with the basic skill of fitness at this age and are now ready to be challenged to more complex moves. They are now at the skill level in which physical challenges like balance, muscle building, hand-eye, hand-foot coordination, increasing challenges for their fine and gross motor skills, and functional training can be more added. They are growing in their intellectual and emotional processes as well, which now allows this age group to follow and understand simple rules of a sport. They are also introduced to the concept of friendly competition and sports fitness.  Kids can enjoy participation with families, friends, educators and counselors in all of the 303 activities.  303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games supports children’s energy and directs it in a positive way; the activities take advantage of a child’s natural tendency to be active with unstructured or free play.  This book will help your family develop their year-long fitness goals while building the child’s intellectual, emotional, and social skills and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

About the Author Kimberly Wechsler: Kimberly has a Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University. After having two sons she became a health and fitness trainer. In the past 20 years she received nine certifications in fitness instruction and personal training, has been a dance instructor, fitness instructor specializing in kid’s fitness, personal trainer, a physical education teacher, a health coach, master aquatics trainer, muscle conditioning and flexibility coach, Pilates instructor and student of Integrative Nutrition. She has lectured at numerous fitness seminars, taught cooking classes, hosted a television show, been a national presenter at health and fitness conferences, developed five successful summer fitness camps for kids in Massachusetts, volunteered as a coach for The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and served on the Governor’s Council and Presidents’ Council of Youth Fitness.
In 2011 she founded a non-profit organization, Replay4Kids and since 2009 is the CEO of Fitness Productions LLC, a company that designs and searches for quality products that will guide and support families to a healthier, more balanced life in natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth and creative expression. To learn more visit www.loveyourworkout.com.  She makes her home in Frisco, Texas.

303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games (SmartFun Activity Books) Paperback (New Year’s Resolution)


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