Panty By Post Subscription (Fashion for Moms)


Panty By Post Subscription (Fashion for Moms)

Receive a pretty panty every month in your mailbox.

I used to think that panties was a dirty word.  Sneaking into lingerie stores and finding special items in the back of adult stores was like a find-and-seek mission that would rattle my embarrassment.  How silly was I!  Wearing beautiful panties and lingerie is an empowering thing and the conversation around them should involve women’s style and confidence.  I was attracted to a company called Panty by Post (or PBP for short) and their dream of brightening a women’s day, inspiring their self love and even adding a dash of romance to their life.  Yes!  Yes!  And YES!

PBP is a monthly subscription to receive a pretty panty in the mail. It’s a gift for yourself or a friend. The panty comes in a beautiful package and it’s different every month. They have three subscriptions to choose from (Basics, Signature and Premium) and a Bridal, Men’s and Shop.  Plus sizes are available!  Their panties last, they’re easy to take care of and affordable. Lingerie does not have to be a finicky thing. I believe in wash and go. All our PBP’s can be machine washed, worn while you work and play but best of all, they all last a long time.  I FEEL better in a good pair of undergarments, it’s like a little secret to myself that makes me feel good.  All women should have that experience and PBP makes it easier to get the latest fashions and products delivered right to your door.  Heaven!

Invest in women, invest in girls. Among human resources the most under-utilized is women’s’ power, women’s’ potential.  – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

PBP Supports Women Deliver:  Women Deliver is a Global Organization focused on the maternal, sexual and reproductive health and rights of girls and women. They don’t just gather data, advocate on behalf of women and girls (though that would be enough), they help build leaders in communities all over the world. Women Deliver also funds projects through the first crowd funding platform dedicated to equality for girls and women worldwide. Read more about Women Deliver.

Charity!  PBP’s trusted manufacturers not only plant trees and use recyclable materials, they support women who are disadvantaged. Through fair wages, opportunities for single moms to work from home and protecting the environment through ethical manufacturing, our partners help us lead the way. The panties are vegan and can be considered a fair trade item.

Check it out!  Watch how the panty subscription works HERE!

Panty By Post Subscription (Fashion for Moms)

List Price: $ 15.00 per month (CAD)

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