Sock It to Me, an awesome sock brand based out of Portland



Sock It to Me, an awesome sock brand based out of Portland

We make fun, funky socks—socks with cupcakes, ninjas, mustaches, unicorns & other things magical – just for you! !

Sock It To Me, a Portland based sock company is launching an exciting video-based campaign in honor of the company’s 11th anniversary in style!  Get to know the Sock It to Me brand a little better through our new video content!  Check out their campaign and how their socks make a difference HERE.  


In addition to the 11th anniversary campaign, Sock It To Me has super cool NEW designs for Fall/Winter 2015 for all ages, genders, and sizes.  Sock It to Me was founded back in 2004, and since then we’ve been designing and selling fun, funky, and crazy socks for men, women, and kids all over the world. They believe that everyone has something awesome inside of them to #unleash on the world, and we encourage everyone to have the confidence to express themselves!


The Sock It To Me line of socks includes funky and interesting socks in a variety of types such as Holiday, Pop Culture, Sport, Animals and much, much more!  They are perfect for all of us individuals, those dealing with health issues like chemotherapy and adults and kids that like to showcase their unique personalities.  The socks are well made, adorable and long-lasting.

Unleash the power of YOUR SOCKS!

FullSizeRender  Socks for the WHOLE family!

Everyone has something awesome inside them! Express yourself through your socks: what will you #unleash? Show your funky and fresh sock designs through social media through Instragram and Twitter with the #unleash.

Sock It to Me, an awesome sock brand based out of Portland

List Price: $ 9.00 – $9.50 (Kid’s Socks)


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