Lucy Kat Soap through Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (Local Austin, Texas)


Lucy Kat Soap through Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (Local Austin, Texas)

Handcrafted bath and body products made in Round Rock Texas!

If you are still looking for some perfect gifts, look no further than Lucy Kat Soap, which is a local Round Rock, Texas company that has aligned with the amazing Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Company.  Ava Anderson Non Toxic was founded by 15-year old Ava Anderson (who is now a 21 year old senior in college). The company is based in Rhode Island (Providence), and her mom Kim Anderson helps her run the business as she finishes up her undergraduate degree. Read more about Ava’s remarkable story – including how she became so passionate about this issue – here.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic is the safest ​personal care and home products on the market and are shared by independent Ava Anderson business owners across the country, just like Lucy Kat Soap​ (aka Kelly Darby)​. I will be doing an upcoming post on some great items from the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Company, but first, I wanted to dedicate a post about the local Lucy Kat Soaps, which are amazing, perfect for thoughtful gifts to friends, family, and even for yourself!

Before I begin, please check out this page if you want to learn more about the toxic issue and find a list of ingredients to avoid!

Bombs lavender and orange  Handmade Mondo Bath Bombs (List Price: $ 5.00 Each)

I absolutely adore bath bombs and Lucy Kat Soaps makes a wonderful 7 oz handmade bath bombs that are packed with epsom salt, white kaolin clay, and skin-softening oils. Each bath bomb is scented with essential oils and botanicals and made to order. If you want to get her bath bombs in time for the holidays, you must order quickly as it takes 5-7 business days for an order to process.  I love the smell of the Lavender Mondo Bath Bomb, and you can also get bombs in the scent of Orange Fennel and Muscle Soak.  Yum.

Comes in scents:

  • Lavender
  • Orange Fennel
  • Muscle Soak

Lucy2  Handmade Bath Melts – 6 per order (List Price: $ 12.00)

Bath melts are made to drop into your bath (just one melt per bath) so you can have a nice relaxing soak.  Each melt includes skin softening ingredients and they literally melt away in your bath as you soak. Made to order in relaxing lavender, uplifting orange, and a special muscle relief blend. Ingredients include white kaolin clay, cocoa butter, and shea butter.  Please allow 5-7 business days for order processing.  The lavender bath melt smells absolutely heavenly and lavender is a great stress-reliever and mood booster.

Bath  Click on Image to Enlarge

Comes in scents:

  • Lavender
  • Uplifting Orange
  • Muscle Soak
Lucy Soap  Handmade Soap Sold by Lucy Kat Soaps  (List Price: $ 6.00)

Not all soaps are created equal!  The Lucy Kat Soaps are all-natural natural and non-toxic handmade soap crafted with plant-based oils and naturally scented with pure essential oils.  The ‘hot’ soap item for the holiday season is, of  course, the Christmas soap.  It includes the essential oils of peppermint, juniper, European Silver fir, bay, and spirulina.  This is a wonderful stocking stuffer, but this scent is really perfect for all year round.  The soaps are made to order so allow shipments within 2-5 business days of ordering.

Comes in scents:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon Rosemary
  • Rose and Lavender
  • Goat Milk Oat and Honey

Lucy Kat Scoop!  Shhhhh!  Lucy Kat will be releasing lip balms (and maybe scented oils!) in the late winter/early spring.  So lookout for that.

Local Ava Anderson Consultant, Kelly Darby!


Kelly Darby’s avaSTORY: I am a mom of two – an almost 6-year old and 3 year old. I have been making my own handmade soap and bath products for nearly 3 years and like many, became interested in making natural and safer products once I had children. I was invited to my first avaHOUR by a friend who shares my interest in natural products and is a big supporter of Lucy Kat Soaps. An avaHOUR is our version of the typical house “party”…it is a chance for hosts to share this important message about harmful and toxic ingredients with those they care about, allow guests to sample great products, all while earning VERY generous host rewards. I am pretty shy about direct sells, but when I heard the consultant present the toxic message and all the ways Ava Anderson Non Toxic is helping to spread the word (lobbying in DC, TED talks, guests posts in Huffington Post, Prevention Magazine, and more), I knew I had to join. I am a social worker by trade and Ava’s approach resonates with me. She wants to change the world – or at least, change chemical policy in our country. As a maker who has tried (and failed) many attempts at making some of the same products Ava has so beautifully created, I was fascinated by the long list of of essential oils and therapeutic botanicals in the products. Ava is dedicated to using quality ingredients to make her products. Ask me for a list of ingredients used in any of our products! In addition to sharing our information at parties, I am very active through my Facebook group “Non Toxic with Lucy Kat” – I invite FB users to join in the conversation! I do plan to become more active in 2016 on the Twittersphere (@kfdarby). I also promote Ava Anderson’s products and message at a Cedar Park yoga studio – Flow Yoga. The owner Kat McCool is dedicated to living a non-toxic lifestyle in her home and studio, and has been a huge support to me through this endeavor.

About Ava Anderson:  If you have never heard of Ava Anderson, I will tell you that she is a woman on a mission to create safe and effective products that are chemical free.  Today, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic makes quality products without harmful chemicals.  Our local Austin, Texas Ava Anderson consultant is Kelly Darby who is very passionate about Ava’s products that have the important message of using products that help facilitate healthy living.  Contact Kelly for more information about Ava Anderson products including how to host your own Ava Anderson party (complete with samples) and to be educated on Ava Anderson products that will work for you.  Kelly’s Contact Info: 512.771.8276 or​.

Check it out!  Ava Anderson Non Toxic company video is available to view on You Tube.

Lucy Kat Soap through Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (Local Austin, Texas)

List Price: $ Prices Vary Per Product

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