Chai Tea Perfume Spray by Feto Soap (Austin, Texas Company)


Chai Tea Perfume Spray by Feto Soap (Austin, Texas Company)

Hands-on classes & artisanal beauty products made in Austin, TX

Lisa Chouinard is what I would describe as a typical Austinite.  She’s amazing, quirky, and her artistic talents go far beyond the normal non-weird non-Austinites.  Lisa is on a MISSION.  Her mission is to enable anyone to create their own handmade beauty products & provide the best artisanal beauty products in Texas!  That’s right!  She specializes in providing hands-on kids activities for small or large events and has even done corporate events with up to 100,000 attendees!  Wow!  Her client list includes Formula One, Samsung, Dell, the Rosedale Foundation, Big Brother, Big Sister, GirlsGen, GirlsGuild & the CHULA League, just to name a few.  Her product line is called Feto Soap and if you are in Austin you can find her products at Prima Dora (S. Austin) and Heart & Sole Massage in (N. Austin).  She also has a local studio that just happens to be in the same zip code I live and you can schedule appointments for product pick-ups through her e-mail address on her website below.

BUT, the main reason I am writing about the amazing local artist, Lisa, is because she makes her own perfume sprays.  Delicious sprays made with lovely fragrances and essential oils that rub into your skin until it evaporates and you feel it dry to a soft, talc-like feel.  YUMMMMM.  And, you know how much I enjoy scents and aromatherapy.  After preusing her large selection of fragrances, I decided on one of my ultimate favorite smells, thanks very much to my Yoga Yoga sessions and their blissful after class Chai teas.  Yay!  Her homemade fragrances come in 2.5 fl. oz spray containers and are a very reasonable 12 bucks a pop.  Not too shabby for a local and hand-made product.

Her perfume spray fragrances include: Baby Powder, Baked Bread, Bamboo Sugar Cane, Basil Lime, Bay Rum, Birthday Cake, Blackberry, Blackberry Sage, Bubblegum, Buttermilk Pancakes, Candy Cane, Celestial Waters, Chai Tea, Channel Chance, Cherry Almond, Cherry Blossom,  Cherry Cordial, China Rain, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Orange, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil……etc., etc., etc.  I would include more, but my hand started to go numb after getting to her fragrances in the letter ‘C’!  But, believe me, there are a ton more that go all the way to ‘Z’ for Zinfandel.  Whew!

I’m pretty sure she could whip up any sort of fragrance you would like to have and could even teach you how to make your own.  As for me, I’m enjoying smelling like my favorite tea and am happy to share how you can get your very own Lisa-made fragrance.  It’s a perfect stocking stuffer or any gift for someone who wants a real Austin-made product.  Huzzah!

Austinites!  Are you interested in booking a hands-on activity for your event or soap-making class? Contact Lisa with a date & time of your event & projected attendance!

Austin’s Blue Genie Art Bazaar!  Lisa is currently selling her Feto Soap products at Austin’s Blue Genie Art Bazaar going on now until December 24.  Check out the website HERE for more info on this local handmade artwork & gifts event that features over 200 local & regional artists and find out how to attend.

Chai Tea Perfume Spray by Feto Soap (Austin, Texas Company)

List Price: $ 12.00

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