18-pack ASPIRE TEAM PACK 12oz bottles – the natural sports drink


18-pack ASPIRE TEAM PACK 12oz bottles

Maker of totally-awesome sports drinks with no junk and only what your body needs.

If you have children who plays sports, chances are you have bought them sports drinks.  There is now a new option in the sports drink market that is natural without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives called ASPIRE.  The beverage was created by two ‘hockey dads from Minnesota’ that wanted to give their kids a healthier sports drink alternative.  ASPIRE sports drinks have become a great solution for schools because they are compliant with the new USDA Smart Snacks in School guidelines. These better-for-you sports drinks have beneficial nutrients and no junk, so they are great for anyone, anytime, anywhere.  ASPIRE beverages are available in five great flavors and their 18-pack team bottles include three of their best selling flavors.

The ASPIRE TEAM PACK has 18 12-oz bottles that includes six bottles each of FIRE (cherry-berry), ICE (lemon-lime) and STORM (grape).  The drinks have just 35 calories and 8 grams of pure cane sugar per bottle and are fortified with beneficial electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.  They are great sports drinks for before, during, and after activities and a good choice for a sports drink for your child’s health.  The team pack is the perfect grab-and-go pack to enhance and reward the performance of your team!  ASPIRE beverages have an 18-month shelf life with no preservatives.

Aspire2  Bring your A game!

Hundreds of schools are including ASPIRE beverages in their cafeterias, student stores, and concession stands.  Schools across the country are also serving ASPIRE, with coolers and concentrate, to their teams and student-athletes.  Research has been driven from the Mayo Clinic, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and other leading public health organizations and ASPIRE has been the winner of multiple taste tests versus other leading sports drinks in schools.  Check out their website for more information including this PDF of the USDA’s Smart Snacks in Schools standards.

ASPIRE Samples for Schools!  ASPIRE beverage samples are available for school foodservice professionals only.  Check out this page to learn more about getting samples for your school.

Austinites!  Find ASPIRE Beverages at your local HEB or Target.  If you are not in Austin, check the website for locations that sell ASPIRE near you.  The company continues to expand nationwide and their drinks and gear are also available for purchase online.

18-pack ASPIRE TEAM PACK 12oz bottles


List Price: $ 37.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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