The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name (Hardcover) by Lost My Name Books


The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name (Hardcover) by Lost My Name Books

A magical, personalized story book

We meet a lot of magical and wonderful creatures throughout our lives.

These are just the first. We hope you meet a whole lot more.

What would happen if you woke up one day and couldn’t remember your name.  You lost it!  How do you find it?  If you are a character in Lost My Name’s book, you set off on a magical journey with clues and creatures who will help your remember.  It’s a fun and endearing story and is ideal for children ages 2-6 (or any child-like adult loving books like myself)!

How do you create this book?  Well, you go to Lost My Name Books website and enter your child’s name, gender, and language (there are ten languages to choose from including English UK and English US) and start the process of creating your very own personalized book.


Every Letter Tells a Story.  Each book contains a different set of magical stories and characters based on the letters in the child’s name.  Your child will meet many friends a long the way that help them figure out the next letter in their name until their journey is complete.

lost2  Brooke first meets a Bear friend who helps her learn that the first letter of her name begins with “B”!  She then sets off to find the next clue to the second letter in her name. 

Many Wonderful and Helpful Friends are Made On the Journey of Discovering Their Name. 

Lost3  At the end of the book, your child has discovered their name in full and it’s time for a wonderful celebration!

Watch! Watch this video and see how it works.

This is a fabulous keepsake and all of the books are printed on  sized, thick, uncoated, environmentally friendly paper.  It makes a perfect gift and Lost My Name Books will even gift wrap it for you for an extra fee.  Not to mention, shipping to anywhere in the world is COMPLETELY FREE.  Check out the Lost My Name Books including their new and very special book entitled The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home.  You won’t be sorry.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name (Hardcover) by Lost My Name Books

List Price: $ 29.99


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