Christmas to Color (Paperback)


Christmas to Color (Paperback)

Step into a wintry wonderland with illustrator Mary Tanana’s intricate, gorgeous illustrations of Christmas magic, lovingly represented in this delicately rendered coloring book.


Each year I catch what I like to call ‘holiday fever’.  It never fails.  It starts right around Halloween and goes until the beginning of the New Year.  While some people may moan and groan about stores putting up their holiday items right after Halloween, I actually relish in it.  Yes, I am an ever-loving decorated tree, peppermint stick, holiday elf girl at heart.  I have even gone as far as putting fake spray-on ice on my windows until I had to scrap it off when the weather got warm.  Note to my readers:  Fake window ice is a great idea in theory until you have to clean-up!

Even with all my holiday decoration blunders, I seem to do one thing really well and that is to get some really fun holiday books for the girls each year.  It gets better and better every year since my oldest child actually remembers what we read the previous years and when she sees certain items or books she gets as excited (or more so, if that is possible!) than myself.  If you read my blog, you know that Brooke is a coloring fool and an awesome book for her is a new HarperCollins book called Christmas to Color.  The overview of the book is quite easy since it states what it is in the title, but you really have to see the beautiful designs in the book to get a full appreciation for the intricate details and creativity that this book has by illustrator, Mary Tanana.  To call it a winter wonderland is actually an understatement and the details in snowflakes to stockings, reindeer to wreaths, to many aspects of what I consider ‘holiday flavor’ is brimming from the pages of this book.  This coloring book is made for ages 4 and up and has almost ONE HUNDRED (100!) pages of pen-and-ink drawings.  Brooke and I may be able to get most of the pages done this holiday season (what can I say, we are BOTH coloring fools!), but I am thinking that this will be a book I can pack away and bring out again next year in the likely event we still have pages to color when New Year’s Day comes and goes.

Oh, and I also got a kick out of reading Mary’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ page at the beginning of the book to Brooke.  Like Mary, I also tend to think best when there is a pencil in my hand.  Hoorah!  I’ll leave you with this beautiful page of the book and wish you all a happy and wonderful holiday season complete with fake ice spray on your windows (as long as I don’t have to clean it up…).


About the Illustrator:  At a very young age, Mary Tanana was experimenting with all kinds of crafts. She did embroidery, needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, quilling, crochet, starting at age 6, all self-taught. Her parents were so wonderful, they gave into her every craft whim! Coming from a family of engineers, she is so thankful for their support as she pursued a career in the arts.  In college Mary studied Fashion Illustration at Syracuse University, and along the way discovered Surface Pattern Design, and completely fell in love with it. She has designed for John Hardy and Vera Wang, and her innovative style has won numerous fine jewelry design awards including the prestigious Platinum Guild and Women’s Jewelry Association “DIVA” Award.  She seized the opportunity to live in Hong Kong where she ran a large design department, commuting to China each week. This was a huge turning point in her career, as it opened up her eyes to the world market and helped define her global style.  She currently lives in Rhode Island with her husband and kittens!  Follow her work at

Christmas to Color (Paperback)

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