If I’m Lost : Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoos by Madeline’s Box


If I’m Lost : Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoos

Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches


If you have toddlers and small children who like to run off in crowds, it is important to arm them with information so that they can be found easily.  Madeline’s Box makes adorable temporary tattoos made especially for kids in the event they get lost.  These watches are printed on an InkJet printer using temporary tattoo paper and your emergency contact phone number is clearly marked so that children can be safely returned.

Madeline’s Box has a line of 16 Custom “If I’m Lost” Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Watches that lets everyone know that if your child is lost, who to call!  These are perfect for amusement parks, vacations and even school field trips.  There are six different styles to choose from and all 16 are personalized with the style of watch sets you’d like along with a phone number to call. These temporary tattoos will give parents peace of mind and children like wearing their bright and fun tattoo watches.  The tattoos look cool and give me relief to know that our little toddler runner has an extra layer of protection from her parents’ watchful eyes.

How to Apply:  The tattoos come with simple instructions on how to apply and take off.  Like any temporary tattoo, water must be applied to the back of the tattoo before gently removing the film.  These fun temporary tattoos are easy to use and can be applied in one minute or less. If you want them to come off, just simple apply slight scrubbing with soap and water or baby oil.  Otherwise, the watches should last all day!

Temp3 Check out all of the styles in this collection!

Remember!  The Phone number you leave at checkout will be the Emergency Contact number on your watches. Please double check to make sure phone number is typed correctly. All Sales are Final.

Check it out! Be sure to check out our ALLERGY & NON-VERBAL Temporary Tattoo Watches!

If I’m Lost : Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoos


List Price: $ 25.95 (Pack of 16)

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