Holiday Classroom Party Items by Oriental Trading *Sponsored Post*


Holiday Classroom Party Items by Oriental Trading *Sponsored Post*

Celebrating Over 80 Years of Fun!

Has everyone seen the new Peanuts movie yet?  Of course you have!  On November 6, 2015, the Charles M. Schulz’s characters from “Peanuts” made their big-screen debut in a CG-animated movie that was also in 3D.  Wow!  Chuck has come a long way since his first appearance on October 2, 1950.  We are big fans of Peanuts in our house and you probably remember I did a Halloween review on Peanuts items from the special The Great Pumpkin.  Well, I am now excited to tell you that there are Peanuts holiday items that are new with exclusive designs to Oriental Trading, so you can’t find them anywhere else.  I was excited to be able to get some fun items for my daughter, Brooke’s, kindergarten class and was able to put together a list of items perfect for a holiday party for less than $75 dollars.  The items are for a classroom of 18, so Oriental Trading has proven, once again, to be a great place to go to for fun holiday items on a budget.  Below are all the items I was able to get:



Snowflake Bubbles  IN-13710689 $8.25
Peanuts® Christmas Stickers  IN-13710999 $2.99
Bright Snowflake Mini Notepads IN-13710942 $5.25
Peanuts® Christmas Pencils IN-13710957 $4.99
Peanuts® Christmas Luncheon Napkins IN-13711093 $2.60 x 2 = 5.20
Peanuts® Christmas Dessert Plates IN-13711090 $ 2.20 x 3 = $6.60
Peanuts® Christmas Tablecloth IN-13711117 $3.99 x 3 = $11.97
Peanuts® Christmas Treat Boxes IN-13711120 $5.99 x 2 = $11.98
Super Winter Toy Assortment IN-13712989 $16.90

Total = $ 74.13


I am so impressed by how all the items work together and I was able to put together fantastic gift bags for every child in her class.  Children love little goodies and each child will receive a little notebook, pencil, bubbles, and stickers in each Peanut holiday gift box.  Their desks can be decorated with a special Peanuts table cloth along with plates and napkins for holiday treats.  I was also able to get a Super Winter Toy Assortment so that their teacher can add fun holiday gifts to her treasure box where kids earn prizes from getting positive points for their behavior in class.  How cute is that?  As always, I can get a lot of ‘Bang!” for my buck and this is an impressive assortment of items perfect for her school party.  Brooke’s teacher appreciates the donation and I feel good about being able to provide her class with the goods.  Get into the holiday spirit with Oriental Trading and you’ll be sure to come back for more, too.


Happy Holidays from the Momma’s Bacon Family!

About Charles M. Schulz:  Charles M. Schulz (November 26, 1922 – February 12, 2000), nicknamed Sparky to his close friends, was born in Minneapolis, MN and created one of the most loved comic strips in history, Peanuts.  Charles loved to draw, especially pictures of his favorite dog, Spike, growing up.  Although timid and shy as a child, he did try to submit his drawing to his high school newspaper, which they rejected!  Ha!  He was drafted into the Army in 1943 and after being discharged in 1945, he returned to MN as an art teacher.  His first comic strip (Li’l Folks) was published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Peanuts (which has a lot of parallels to his own life) made its first appearance on October 2, 1950 with the United Feature Syndicate.

Holiday Classroom Party Items by Oriental Trading *Sponsored Post*

List Price: $ Prices Vary Per Item

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