GuruNanda Essential Oils with Diffuser


GuruNanda Essential Oils with Diffuser

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I have written about a GuruNanda product before!  I like doing pulling oil cleanses and you can read all about that at my previous blog post here.  I’m excited to tell you about a new GuruNanda product that happens to hit Walmart shelves this November called the GuruNanda’s Essential Oils with Diffuser kit.  As luck would have it, Bob and I were just talking about wanting to find a misting essential oil diffuser for Brie’s room to help her with her stuffy nose this holiday season.  We have been using menthol and lavender vapor pads in a small heating machine in her room since she was born and the cost of getting the new oil pads was starting to add up.  Yes, we think it is beneficial and, yes, we want to keep doing the same oil dispensing in her room – but knew there was a better and more cost-effective way to do it.  I’m excited to tell you that the GuruNanda diffuser is only $19.99, so for the cost of getting pure essential oils, this is an affordable and thoughtful gift for all of us ‘oil lovers’ out there.  Yippee!

If you believe in aromatherapy – and I do – you will love that the new GuruNanda Essential Oils with Diffuser kit includes the oils lavender and peppermint.  These are considered ‘healing oils’ with lavender to help aid in calming stress and peppermint for its analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Bob and I also like the combination of lavender and menthol oils since menthol is used to help with respiratory issues and since this is an oil I keep on hand, it was easy for us to try out this diffuser with our oils the very first night.  The ultasonic diffuser gently disperses the essential oils you put in it and releases the natural fragrances into the air in just a few seconds.  The diffuser has a color-changing LED light which acts as a great mood night-light and it feels like a little mini-spa in Brie’s room.  Heaven! Not only do I think the diffuser allowed more of the menthol and lavender oils to be misted into the air, I actually prefer this method over using vapor pads.  It is certainly more cost-effective for us in the long run and the super cool LED light makes a fantastic addition to Brie’s super cozy room that is a perfect sleep-inducing little nest.  We’ve been using the diffuser for two weeks now (in combination of a pediatric nasal saline spray) and couldn’t be happier with the results.  Little Brie’s nose thanks us for it!

As always, as a person who loves and uses essential oils, it is important for me to note that essential oils are NOT regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This post is dealing with using diluted essential oils as vapors and not as supplements for ingestion.  If you are considering using herbal supplements, you should speak with your doctor or healthcare provider about the possible risks, side effects or interactions. Some herbal supplements may cause potentially dangerous complications, especially in those with underlying medical conditions.  Be smart and safe with your oils, my readers!


GuruNanda Essential Oils with Diffuser

List Price: $ 19.99 (now available at Walmart!)


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