Blissmo Snack Box Subscription


Blissmo Snack Box Subscription

More energy. Less junk. More taste. Less guilt. More convenient. Less money.

I imagine we have all seen the energy drink commercials about feeling sluggish during our day when all of a sudden *BAM!* a load of caffeine, sugar, and vitamins supposedly gets you all pumped up to continue on with life!  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I can’t mess around with my blood sugar since I risk Type II diabetes and I probably don’t need to tell you that drinking a lot of caffeine and sugar long term is not the best idea.  Luckily, our bodies generate energy from a little thing called FOOD and healthy snacks are a great way to naturally BOOST energy.  It can be difficult to snack healthy, especially if you are in an office environment where people love to bring in cookies and cupcakes, but there are great snack box subscriptions that offer a variety of healthy snacks delivered to your door each month.  You get to discover new snacks without the hassle of spending time scouring the grocery aisles and have a variety of snacks to choose from when you need a little energy boost.

Blissmo boxes only include organic, non-toxic and eco-friendly products and brands in their boxes.  Blissmo offers a variety of subscriptions including a curated box of food, beauty/personal care, and seasonal items delivered to your door each month for as low as $19.95 to the BlissmoBITES boxes with delicious and healthy snacks from one to thirty people depending on which subscription suits your needs.  I thought this was a great idea so I decided to check out their Blissmo November Box to see if it was something I’d enjoy.  The nice thing is you can cancel anytime and even e-mail the Blissmo staff to get a snack break box that suits your needs.

Blissmo Snack Box

$19.95/mo + $4.95 shipping
($24.90 / month, cancel anytime)


Blissmo Snack Box for November

  1. Skout Organic TrailPak Black Pepper BBQ Raw Pumpkin Seeds (List Price: $3.99)
  2. I Heart Keenwah Aged Cheddar Quinoa Puffs (List Price: $2.59)
  3. Frontier Bites Almond Blueberry Lemon (List Price: $1.75)
  4. Ocean Spray Craisins (Dried Cranberries) (List Price: $3.15)
  5. Simple Squares Cinna-Clove Honey Organic Nutrition Bar (List Price: $2.31)
  6. Healthy Fruit Chillers Strawberry Mango (List Price $0.85)
  7. North Coast Organic Applesauce (List Price: $1.49)
  8. 2 Degrees Apple Pecan Bar (List Price: $1.99)
  9. Jimmy Bar! Clean Snack Bar Peanut Butter Cluster (List Price: $2.49)
  10. San Franla Granola Bar Lemon Zest (List Price: $5.00)

Total Price of the Box: $ 25.61

This was an exciting box for me!  I had only heard of one of the companies before (who doesn’t like craisins, right?) and it was awesome to sample a bunch of cool new HEALTHY products to snack.  I was most impressed by 2 Degrees Apple Pecan Bar not only because it was delicious, but because this American company is partnered with Feeding America, a nonprofit, so that for every bar you buy, they give a meal to a hungry child.  Pretty cool, huh?  I also enjoyed the healthy fruit chillers that you place in the freezer and it became an all-fruit Popsicle.  I’m making a mental note to get these when the weather gets warm again.  The BBQ raw pumpkin seeds were so yummy and reminds me of the pumpkin seeds we recently roasted on Halloween.  It may be my favorite thing about pumpkins now and much healthier than pie.  Ha!  Probably the thing I loved the most was that Blissmo provided a great theme of snacks for November with the Thanksgiving holidays right around the corner.  It showed me that you can have an apple pecan bar in place of a higher calorie and unhealthy dessert.  Feeling a little run down?  Grab that applesauce pouch instead of those chocolates!  For just $19.95 a month plus shipping, this was a smorgasbord of all new snack foods to try this month and that is pretty sweet.  Oh, and YUMMY!  So, check out Blissmo online and see all of the snack boxes available for purchase to keep you healthy all year round.

Blissmo Snack Box Subscription

List Price: $ 19.95 per month + shipping (Blissmo Snack Box – Other Subscription Boxes Available)


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