mytable Food Deliveries (Local Austin, Texas)

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mytable Food Deliveries (Local Austin, Texas)

Order a locally cooked meal from your community tonight.  Locally cooked meals delivery service in Los Angeles & Austin

We all know the holiday season is upon us which means hours in the kitchen for many of us.  It’s enough to make anyone want to order take out.  Ah ha!  But, now I have a perfect solution for all those Austinites who need a break from kitchen duty.

mytable is a marketplace and delivery service for locally cooked meals that is now available in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. Yee-Haw! mytable partners with the best chefs in our community to bring locally prepared meals direct to your door.  Say what? Every meal on mytable has a story and is unique to the local chef. Even better?  The money that you spent goes directly back to the chef who made your meal, so the money stays within Austin and helps support the local economy as well as creating jobs.  How cool is that for a nice, healthy, and delicious home-cooked meal delivered to your family?  I was intrigued, especially as the now *cough, cough” De-facto chef in my house since Bob is back to work and works later hours, so I was immediately interested to learn more.  

Buy Local

First and foremost, it is important to get to know your community through the FREE mytable app and the food that is available for delivery in Austin.  You can either pick up the prepared food on your way home for work or you can choose the GLORIOUS delivery option for a small fee.  mytable is a two way street.  You can message the chef directly to let them know what you thought of the meal or ask them any questions on how they prepared your food.  How exciting!

So how do you begin to use this service?  Simple download the mytable app for iOS & Android and start ordering!

Check it out!  Watch this story that explains how EVERY meal has a STORY here.

So what meals did we get delivered by mytable?  FIrst, let me break down the selection process.  When you first go into the mytable app, you have the option of filtering the menu by dietary restrictions such as vegan, peanut-free, dairy-free, etc.  Let me take a moment to remind you that this is a dinner food service only, so you can request deliveries anywhere from 5 pm until 9 pm.  We usually try to get between 5-6 pm, so that option was perfect for us.  Next you get to see the menu options of the day.  They are broken down into types of food complete with delicious looking pictures, background info, and information about each chef.  There is even a home cookin’ option where cooks create their won unique culinary creation.  See something you want?  Add it to your cart for checkout.  Once you make your food selection you have the option to pick-up your order or get delivery for just $2.99!  The app allows you to check your order status, leave messages, leave reviews of your meals, and leave a tip to your chef after your meal.  Fantastic!

Chef Steven

I chose Chef Steven’s dishes to try with my family and there is a wonderful ‘about me’ section on Steven.  He has been a chef for 12 years he attended the French Culinary Institute  and is the head chef at Wine Sensation in Round Rock.  He also is married with two beautiful daughters!  We immediately knew we wanted to try Steven’s creations.

Our Monday, November 23 Order:

Chicken Florentine Chicken Florentine
Cooked by Steven
1 $10.00
Braised pork belly sliders Braised pork belly sliders
Cooked by Steven
1 $11.00
Side of fries Side of fries
Cooked by Steven
1 $4.00
Eggplant roulade Eggplant roulade
Cooked by Steven
1 $8

My Family’s Thoughts:

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender[2]

Looking at all the lovely foods in the app and trying to decide was HARD.  But after much consideration, I thought Chef Steve’s menu was well planned and worked well for a family of four with two little children.  During the entire order, the chef kept us up to date, and the driver even sent messages of when he expected to arrive.  Awesome customer service – and now on to the FOOD!  Our picky girls loved the pork belly sliders – I mean they wolfed them down.  AHHH-MAZING considering Brie is pretty high maintenance when it comes to food, it did actually shock me.  I knew the pork was topped with balsamic vinegar red cabbage, so somehow it all balanced out so the girls were not shouting for water or milk to wash down any vinegar taste.   Of course, the fries (which were awesomely crunchy!) were a nice kid-friendly option and they happily had their fill.  I am the big eggplant eater in my family.  OK, I am the ONLY eggplant eater in my family, so I was overjoyed that I could eat one of my favorite dishes without having to worry about anyone else touching it or making an entire dish where no one eats leftovers.  The seasoned eggplant was rolled with a spinach, artichoke hearts and sun dried tomato topped with red pepper ragyu and friend potato strings.  Yummy Yum!  It was the type of meal I would make pre-kids, so I was elated – and quite full — when I was done.  My husband’s Chicken Florentine was to die for, but don’t take my word for it, he didn’t have a bite left for me to try.  Le sigh.  The herb seasoned chicken is rolled in spinach, roasted red pepper and fresh mozzarella and served with roasted red potatoes with squash and zucchini that is drizzled in cream sauce.  So, yes, if you haven’t gathered by now, the menu options we chose were wonderful, the prices are reasonable, and the cheap delivery option is perfect for families who need a nice home cooked meal but don’t have the time or energy to do it.  Two oven mittens up!


Note: Apologies to all my readers who do not live in LA or Austin, but I imagine you will start seeing mytable pop up in many more cities in the future based on their current success.

mytable Food Deliveries (Local Austin, Texas)

List Price: $ Varies by Item

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