Tooth Fairy Chronicles Toothless Keepsake Kit + Book


Tooth Fairy Chronicles Toothless Keepsake Kit + Book

Tooth Fairy Chronicles 4 books in the series – Tooth Fairy Chronicles…Toothless Keepsake Kit – Retail and Wholesale – School Fundraisers – Winner of 5 Awards

Brooke has her first loose tooth.  The dentist told us it could come out any day.  It’s exciting for us – our little girl is growing up – but Brooke is filled with lots of questions; ones we have been trying to answer.  Yes, she will get a new adult tooth in place of the one she looses.  No, it shouldn’t hurt when it comes in.  Etc., etc… And since the dentist informed her that the ‘going rate for a tooth that is lost is $5.00 in Texas’, there is now the questions about the tooth fairy and her apparently hefty bank account.  I guess teeth are like gold in tooth fairy land!

So where did we turn to when faced with these tooth fairy questions?  To the Tooth Fairy Chronicles, of course!  The Toothless Keepsake Kit is the 2015 Winner of Dr. Toy’s Best Pick’s of the Year Award and contains a huge coffee table sized book (96 pages!), Doodle Kit Bag and the Tooth Fairy Chronicles Books 1 & 2 that is an interactive storybook, journal and activity book all in one.  Pretty cool, right? Well, that’s not ALL.  The kit also has a Satin Tooth Fairy Tooth Pouch, Tooth Fairy Night Light, Brushing Sand Timer, Door Hanger, Tooth Fairy Mail, and the new Tooth Fairy Chronicles Book 3 that is all about Mastering the Art of Brushing & Flossing with the Wisdom Tooth Academy Workbook & Journal.  Impressed?  Let me tell you some more about all the goodies in the kit so you can really understand how to use this kit for kids who are first loosing their baby teeth.

Book 1:  Trumpet for the Tooth Fairy to Come!

A question that has come up from Brooke is, what does the tooth fairy DO with all those teeth?  Is she like Scrooge McDuck with a room full of teeth she dives into at night?  I didn’t know!  In the Tooth Fairy Chronicles Book 1 it is a hilariously wonderful interactive book that has a template to make a new tooth pouch for each lost tooth.  The tooth fairy (named Tallulah because – why not?) will know you lost a tooth because you sing a special fairy tune.  In the book your child will get to design the tooth fairy’s royal banner, decorate the special tooth box (which gives it magical powers, of course) and register the name online at The Tooth Fairy Kits website.  Do the hula to get some moolah. Trumpet quietly in bed.  Her messenger friend Finnegan the elephant will let her know when he no longer hears your bugle and it is safe for her to come!   Special bonus:  Tallulah the Tooth Fairy will send your child a certificate for their lost tooth. She will reserve a spot in her online Toothless Garden and send you back a confirmation certificate.

Book 2: A Tooth Fairy Journal & Activity Book

As your child is preparing to lose their tooth, there is a journal page for each tooth for your child to write the tooth fairy a new letter.  They can even draw her a picture and record where, how, and when the tooth was lost.  Of course, there is a special spot to place a toothless photo and (what I thought was a nice touch) there is a place to learn a new tooth fact or myth about the tooth fairy from around the world.  Throughout the book, there are activity pages, games, puzzles and even more journal pages. This makes an enchanting and endearing keepsake memory book for you and your child!

The included Satin Tooth Fairy Tooth Pouch is made to leave out for the tooth fairy’s very first visit for her to take and eventually store all 20 of the teeth over the years.  The included Tooth Fairy Night Light is actually a 1 inch glow bracelet for your child to wear to bed so that the tooth fairy can safely find their way to their bed and exchange the tooth for some money.  To really ensure that the tooth fairy is going to visit, there is also a door hanger for the child to put on their door to let the tooth fairy know it’s time for some cash-ola!  Once all is said and done, the child gets their cash (courtesy of us – the parents) and an Official Member of the Tallulah the Tooth Fairy Certificate is given to the child.

Book 2: Mastering the Art of Brushing & Flossing with the Wisdom Tooth Academy Workbook & Journal

Now, all of this is all fun and cool, but the thing that makes the Tooth Fairy Chronicles stand out is the educational side of taking care of our teeth.  Our ADULT teeth, you know, the ones that will NEVER grow back.  The kit includes a Brushing Sand Timer and the child can learn to brush their teeth long enough by flipping it over and brushing until the sand runs out.  Brilliant!  The Tooth Fairy Chronicles Book 3 is where the real magic of this set lies.  You can’t celebrate losing a tooth without learning how to take care of the your new ADULT ones, right?  This book is a wonderful resource for kids to learn and master the Art of Brushing & Flossing with the Wisdom Tooth Academy Workbook & Journal.  This is an inspirational book to get your child into the very important habit of brushing and flossing at LEAST twice a day.  The workbook allows kids to use the monthly toothpaste charts to record daily how they did.  At the end of each month, Tallulah the Tooth Fairy will take a peek and give it a grade.  After 3 months of losing each tooth the kids take a test – which is he or she writes a song or poem for the tooth fairy to read and grade how they did at caring for their teeth.  Tallulah the Tooth Fairy will visit AGAIN and record all the grades plus leave a new toothbrush and floss.  If he or she does a really good job, maybe she (AHEM, us, the parents!) will even leave money.  There are three levels for your child to reach a Master brusher and flosser.  For each level, you can plan a ceremony with your family – make a graduation hat – and plan a meal to celebrate.  By the end, your child should be a Master in Brushing & Flossing!

Sound like a lot of work?  It’s really not.  We are already in the habit of daily flossing and brushing and it becomes even more important as children get their adult teeth (ADULT TEETH AT 5, I know!) that should hopefully last them for the rest of their lives.  On top of bi-annual dental visits, your child’s only defense against tooth decay and gum disease is their very important habit of taking care of their teeth and gums.  This is a great and fun incentive to start a life-long health habit of taking care of their teeth.  And, believe me, I’ve had enough not-so-fun dental visits to realize just how important it is.  Whether it comes in the form of a great book, a proper tooth timer or cool books and journals, I’m all in.  We’re all in and we are ready for Brooke to get her new teeth.  It can’t be as painful as teething, right?  Well, at least this time it should only hit our wallets.  *Gulp*

Check it out!  See the book preview HERE.

Holiday Special Charity!  For every book sold – separately or through a kit- Banana Peel Press will donate one back to a toy drive plus we will donate 5% of ALL sales back to a children’s charity.

Tooth Fairy Chronicles Toothless Keepsake Kit + Book

List Price: $ 38.95

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