Immediate cooling relief for sick kids with BeKOOOL


Immediate cooling relief for sick kids with BeKOOOL

BeKOOOL is a complete family of products designed to add comfort and relief for the entire family


I’m not a huge fan of the winter months not only for the cold or freezing temperatures outside, but that it almost guarantees our girls will get at least one fever, cold, or the dreaded flu this season, even if they have already received their flu shots.  So far this year we’ve been luckier than last, but with Brie at daycare I promise you that our chances of getting sick have almost doubled.  Since Brooke is now a kindergartner, it’s a little easier to get her to take her medications and she knows the drill of what to do when she is contagious.  Our toddler – well, let’s just say – she’s still at that defiant age where medicines are yucky and a sopping wet washcloth on her forehead usually doesn’t cut it for fevers.  I was looking for items to add to our seasonal sick kit, which I highly recommend doing before the winter season settles in.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about a product called BeKoool Kids (yes, THREE O’s in there) that are single-use cooling gel sheets specially formulated for kids to provide immediate cooling relief from fever.  BeKOOOL Kids adhesive and non-messy gel sheets are easy to apply to your child’s forehead and give comfort to them while they wait for their medicine to kick in.  I love that these cooling pads last up to eight hours of relief and Brie doesn’t try to rip them off her head, unlike the usual washcloth.  The BONUS is that the sheets have the Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, which just happens to be Brie’s favorite show which magically wants her to use this product.  BeKOOOL definitely knows how to get small children excited about their products!  BeKOOOL’s non-medicated soft gel sheets do not require refrigeration and are portable, so they are ready to use anywhere and anytime your child has fever discomfort.  They can conveniently fit in your diaper bag or purse and were noticed by the PTPA (Parent Tested/Parent Approved) and have won their seal of approval.


BeKOOOL’s easy-to-use, soft gel sheets: 

  • Stick to kids’ foreheads, so little ones who are sick can comfortably rest and relax
  • Provide up to eight hours of cooling relief

Austinites!  You can find BeKOOOL products at your local Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS Pharmacy, or HEB.

Parents!  Have Migraine’s got your down?  BeKOOOL Migraine also offers immediate cooling, soothing relief that is safe to use with medication.  Products are available at your local Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS Pharmacy, or HEB.

Be Koool Migraine


Immediate cooling relief for sick kids with BeKOOOL

List Price: $ 4.99 (Four-Pack)

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