What Does It Mean To Be Kind? (Hardcover)


What Does It Mean To Be Kind? (Hardcover)

Dedicated to Helping Parents and Educators Cultivate Conscious, Responsible Little People

In What Does It Mean To Be Kind?®, Rana DiOrio shows that every act of kindness is also an act of courage, and how small gestures can make a big difference to other people, animals, the planet, and even oneself.

We tend to say it all the time to kids, “Be nice” or “Be kind”, but what are we really saying?  Enacting positive behaviors in real life means more than taking something at face value.  Being kind is not just a singular definition, it is a whole lifestyle approach to treating others the way you would want to be treated.  That means acting with grace, dignity, and practicing to achieve an overall kind attitude towards others whether or not it is in front of them or behind their back.  When you are kind, it makes no difference because you exhibit kind characteristics at all times which gives your children the tools to grow into adults who in turn exhibit a positive lifestyle and creates powerful leaders.  That’s something I try to do and hope to demonstrate to my children.

I’ll let you in on a not-so-little secret; I am shy.  Like, very shy which stems from being a sensitive person.  I was ‘hiding behind my parents when I was younger-shy’ and felt that everyone’s insecurities were on my shoulders.  I had this idea that others thought or felt a certain way about me and it took a lot of time and effort to realize most people have much bigger things on their mind than me.  *Gasp*  But, because of my shyness and my constant observations as a little wallflower, I learned the power of a simple smile or a nice word goes a long way to break uncomfortable social situations.  If I can do something to ease someone’s tensions, I try to do that.  For someone who is shy, it is not always easy.  There are times I can stay silent or avoid situations simply because I’m uncomfortable.  In another breath, there are times when I chatter uncontrollably to try and break any silence in a nervous or new atmosphere.  I own it, I learn from it, and I try and try again to put myself out there not only for myself but for my kids.  Kindness, I believe, is the ability to be positive in any situation and it is a learned behavior.  Yes, you aren’t born kind – you have to make an effort to develop it like any other tool.

So, how do you be kind?

In What Does It Mean To Be Kind? DiOio creates a beautiful message that is inspirational as well as showing how simple it can be to be kind through small acts and simple ways.  Kindness is always attainable and is also ENJOYABLE.  This is a great read for both parents and kids and even very young children will grasp the concept of acting in kindness and love.  A kind person is a powerful person but that is not the end goal of kindness and that is why it is very important to teach children the real message of ‘being kind’.

What are some ways we can be kind every day?  DiOrio’s powerful words give specific examples that anyone who reads this book can do;

  • Seeing the Best in People Even When they Are Struggling to Be Their Best
  • Sticking Up for Someone Who is Being Bullied
  • Being Patient Even When You Are in a Hurry
  • Encouraging Someone Who Needs Support
  • Allowing Yourself to Make and Learn From Your Mistakes
  • Etc., Etc., etc….

But maybe most importantly, Being Kind means having the courage to treat others the way you like to be treated.  Yes, that is not always easy, but it is always possible.  Show others what it means to be kind, spread kindness, and make it your mission to make our world more loving, caring, and harmonious.  When you think about the people in your life that you love and want to be around, I bet there is always one word that comes up to describe them.  Kind.  And that, my lovely readers, is something I would hope we would all want to exhibit and make it a daily habit and see how it changes your life and others around you when you always act with kindness.

“It’s encouraging to see a children’s book focused so specifically on the value of kindness, and one that gives so many definitions of what that term can mean. It’s also pleasant to experience the kind treatment of animals as part of what it means to be kind. The publisher includes a note in the book about their use of environmentally sustainable materials in production, demonstrating the book’s lessons in practice. This is a charming book with a welcome perspective.” –Foreword Review

AUTHOR Rana DiOrio: R.J. Palacio’s book WONDER profoundly moved Rana DiOrio. It reminded her that as the mother of three young children, her single most important responsibility was to raise them to be kind. “In this world that so often challenges our sensibilities, it takes courage to be kind,” Rana explains. “As parents we need to teach our children to follow The Golden Rule―to treat others the way we want to be treated―and to encourage others to do the same, even when it is inconvenient or uncomfortable to do so.” Rana has written her way through life―as a student, a lawyer, an investment banker, a private equity investor, and now as an author and publisher of award-winning children’s media. Her interests include practicing yoga, reading non-fiction and children’s books, dreaming, helping entrepreneurs to realize their dreams, effecting positive change in the world, and, of course, being global, green, present, safe, and kind. She lives in San Francisco, California with her Cowboy and three Little Pickles. Follow Rana DiOrio on Twitter @ranadiorio.

ILLUSTRATOR Stéphane Jorisch: Stéphane Jorisch was born in Brussels, Belgium, and grew up in Lachine, Quebec, where his father, an illustrator of European comic strips, introduced him to illustrative art at a young age. Jorisch, whose illustration work is most often produced in watercolor, gouache, and pen and ink, has won many awards, including the prestigious Canadian Governor General’s Award for Children’s Illustration and the Toronto Dominion Canadian Children’s Literature Award. The illustrator of over eighty books for Canadian, European, and US publishers, some of his recent titles include New Year at the Pier by April Halprin Wayland, the Betty Bunny series by Michael B. Kaplan, and My Father Knows the Name of Things by Jane Yolen. In addition to his work for young readers, Stéphane Jorisch also illustrates for magazines and has created designs for the renowned Cirque de Soleil. He lives in Montreal with his wife and their three children.

Charity!  To  celebrate  the  book’s  release,  Little  Pickle  Press  has  partnered  with  Milk + Bookies,  a  nationwide  charitable  organization  that  gets  books  into  the  hands  of  thousands  of  underserved  children,  to  launch  #BeKind,  a  social  media  campaign.    This  will  serve  to  challenge  children  to  be  kind  to  themselves  and  others,  while  triggering  a  book  donation  to  Milk + Bookies.

What Does It Mean To Be Kind? (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.95

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