Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam by Recipe for Men (Holiday Recommendation for Dads)


Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam by Recipe for Men (Holiday Recommendation for Dads)

Logical skincare developed in Sweden specifically for men. Provides clarity and hydration, while protecting from daily elements and signs of aging

My husband is a wet shaver.  As most (or all?) men, he can get razor burn, nicks, cuts, redness and ingrown hairs. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you may even consider just letting your hair grow out and forget about all this shaving nonsense!  However, before you do, I think you should try Recipe for Men’s new Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam that my husband swears gives him the perfect shave without the irritation.

This rich shaving foam features an ultra-mild formulation that is perfect for sensitive skin. The star component, Sebustop®, is a unique formulation of burnet, ginger and cinnamon that reduces oiliness and prevents bacterial attacks. Cinnamon extract stimulates the skin and softens hair follicles allowing for a closer shave while burnet extract removes excess sebum and keeps skin moisturized. The shave foam also contains a very unique anti-inflammatory ingredient in natural oat beta glucan which calms skin and combats redness. Recipe for Men’s unique shaving formula gives you an extra thick lather to lift facial hair for the closest, smoothest shave possible.  This is the perfect gift for the men in your life who struggle with sensitive skin and shaving – plus it SMELLS delicious.  YUM.

Directions/Usage: Lather gently onto wet and clean skin before shaving. Rinse carefully. Follow with a splash of cool water.

About Recipe for Men:  Recipe for Men believes that proper skincare for men is part of an overall healthy and active lifestyle and that its products allow you to be active and not burdened by a lengthy and cumbersome skincare regimen: logical skincare for men has arrived with Recipe for Men.

Ultra Sensitive Shaving Foam by Recipe for Men (Holiday Recommendation for Dads)


List Price: $ 18.00 Size: 100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz.

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