Stickyscapes Paris (Magma for Laurence King)


Stickyscapes Paris (Magma for Laurence King)

Sticker, learn and play! Create your own real and imaginary Paris with over 100 stickers that will bring this panoramic play scene to life.


I’ve had the pleasure of visiting France, but I have never made it to “The City of Light”.  I do plan to go one day and hope to take my entire family.  In the interim, we like to do our world travels in the comfort and (ahem cheapness) of our home.  Magma for Laurence King brings architecture, stickers, and real world views of Paris that are perfect for little minds to create the city of Paris in their own terms.  While mastering different attractions and well-known landmarks, Stickyscapes Paris also bring whimsy and fun into the mix by bringing the fictional city of the Three Musketeers to true history of Marie Antoinette.  Ooh la la!    Fun fact:  One of the cities I grew up in Ohio was named after Marie Antoinette, so I was able to throw in some of my own knowledge of her history to the girls as we played with the Stickyscapes.

Stickyscapes Paris features the Louvre pyramid, the Eiffel Tower, the Tour de France cyclists and all-important French cheeses and cakes that represent the city.  Fitting, coming from a family with a French last name who also named their youngest daughter, Brie (from the French region, not the cheese that comes from the area)!  Paris comes to life right before your eyes with Stickyscapes.  One side of the fold out represents actual, present day Paris, while the other features the fictional and historical city.  It’s iconic, historic, and a whole lot of fun which is the best way to learn about a new city.  Ahhh, Paris, one day we shall meet!


About the Author:  Malika Favre is a French illustrator based in London. Her approach to illustration is about paring things down to express the essential idea with as few lines and colors as possible. Her clients include Carluccio’s, Stylist magazine and Vanity Fair France.


About Laurence King Publishing:  Established in London in 1991, Laurence King Publishing is now recognised as one of the world’s leading publishers of books on the creative arts. Their books are acclaimed for their inventiveness, beautiful design and authoritative texts, as well as the care taken over their production.  With approximately 40 staff members, they are based in Islington in London.

Stickyscapes Paris (Magma for Laurence King)

List Price: $ 14.95

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