10 oz. Travel Tea Mug Infuser by Libre Tea (Coupon Code)


10 oz. Travel Tea Mug Infuser by Libre Tea

Stylish, durable glass’n’poly travel tea infusers for loose leaf ‘on the go’. We love to Inspire anywhere, anytime.

My husband is a tea drinker in a coffee lover world.  He is pretty meticulous about his tea, brewing it to perfection.  Bob prefers stronger teas and tisanes over those with just a hint of flavor and brews up different concoctions to his liking.  He is so in to tea that he was head over heels with a cool travel tea container that lets tea lovers brew their own loose leaf tea on the go with a fun mug infuser.  It’s his favorite infuser because it is a nice study mug with an easy-to-grip handle and you can either place tea leaves on the top or inside of your mug to achieve your own personal strength and the ability to have your tea without any leaves in your drink.

Libre2Libre4Travel with your Tea!

The Libre 10 oz. Travel Tea Mug Infuser has a hi-temperature glass interior so it does not alter the taste of your teas and gives you the awesome ability to take your tea with you as you go.  The mug is approximately 6 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter with an extended grip mug one inch from the side.  The taste of tea washes out simply and easily and the interior of the glass does not stain.  The exterior of the mug has a clear BPA-free Tritan material so it is highly resistant to wear and tear in your daily commutes.  Whether you like your tea hot or cold, the Libre tea glass keeps your tea at a perfect temperature and makes it practical enough to go with you on your weekend trips like hiking or camping. The Libre Travel Tea Mug Infuser is from Libre tea’s classic look product line and has a clean look with a metal trim and gold medallion lid.  Fancy!

Make the most of your infuser!  The Libre tea mug is also great to use for sun teas, iced teas, and fruit and herb water.

Libre3 The Libre Travel Tea Mug Infuser makes a great gift and is perfect for the holidays.


  • Volume: 10 oz. (280mL)
  • Size: approximately 6.0” tall, 3.0” diameter, the handle adds another 1 inch to the diameter
  • Materials: glass, poly Tritan, stainless steel
  • Shipping: USA orders shipped from Los Angeles, CA. Express Delivery available.

Looking for a fun and colorful tea infuser?  Check out Libre Tea’s Life Collection for more style options:


Coupon Code!  Want to enjoy your own tea glass infuser? Enjoy a tea moment and get 10% off your order until Nov 15, 2015 by using coupon code “USAMoms10” at checkout at http://www.libretea.com.

Check it out!  Here is a Libre Tea ‘how to‘ video to see the product in action.

Join the fun on Instagram! Share your #teamoment with @libretea! There are prizes!

10 oz. Travel Tea Mug Infuser by Libre Tea


List Price: $ 29.00


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