Prince Lionheart softBOOSTER


Prince Lionheart softBOOSTER

Modern,Trendy, Beautiful and Innovative Baby Products Manufacturer. From our Made At Home line to popular wheelyBUGs – babies are happy and moms are in style!

Perhaps it’s because she’s the baby of the family or just her natural personality, but Brie came out of the womb wanting to be older and much like her bigger sister.  She walked much sooner, she got into things much faster, and, as the Terrible Twos just set in, she has a quick temper when things don’t go her way.  Let’s just say she is the complete opposite child than my oldest and I muster up all the patience I have to get through her moods.  The funny thing is, she turns on the charm and wit as quick as she realizes she is making us all frustrated.  She’s already a charmer and a good one at that.  All her preschool teachers love her and she is smart as a whip.

That saying, she was NEVER into doing baby things.  As soon as she was off and running (before age one, at that), she decided ‘baby things’ were not for her.  She fought the high chair, she fought the crib, and she certainly did not enjoy sleeping in a sleep sack.  After months of struggle, we finally gave up on the high chair at a year and a half and tried a booster seat.  It had a strap.  This DID NOT go well.  Brie does not like to be strapped in and the struggle continued.  We finally got her a mini table and chair which seemed to smooth things out – for a while – until she decided she was ‘old’ enough to sit at the big table.  Ummmm…no.  She just wasn’t tall enough and we ended up with more food and drink on the floor than in her mouth.  Prince Lionheart’s softBOOSTER has been an incredible solution to our dilemma and Brie loves sitting tall at the table with no straps attached.  We love the soft material and the extra boost it gives her so she feels like she is part of the family.  Without it, I think our nightly dinners would be much more hectic and now it is a nice change that she is happy to be at the big table surrounded by her older sister and the adults.  Thank you, Lionheart, for continuing to make top notch practical products that WORK for our family.  Family dinners are stress free once again.  Hooray!



Tired of hard, gross booster seats at restaurants? This one is a soft spot to give squirmy legs and wandering bottoms a place at the table until they’re ready to fly solo…and it looks good too.

Booster3  Check out all the cool colors in their softBOOSTER seat collection!


  • Cushiony comfort for indoor or outdoor use, meal time or family time
  • Textured seat helps prevent slipping and sliding
  • Wipes clean easily; water-resistant
  • 3 years+; lightweight: 2.7lbs / 1.2kg; 5in (12.7cm) front, 7in (17.8cm) back

Instructions!  Read PDF instructions HERE.

Prince Lionheart softBOOSTER

List Price: $ 40.00

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