The Daring Prince Dashing (Hardcover)


The Daring Prince Dashing (Hardcover)

Follow Dashing and one equally daring girl in this humorous tale of fearless fun and friendship.

The Daring Prince Dashing is a twist on the story of Cinderella as told from the perspective of Prince Dashing.  My daughter, Brooke, just dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween so she’s a bit obsessed with that story at the moment so this book was perfect to read to her.  The Cinderella story has been broken down into the eyes of a much younger Prince who has a royal ice cream social where he meets a young girl as adventurous as he.  The Prince loves to bathe with crocodiles, dangle from tall trees and even toast s’mores from the breath of fire-breathing dragons.  Oh my!  Prince discovers that his new friend is as daring as he, but at the stroke of midnight, the girl runs off only leaving a mysterious stick that the Prince finds.  He is bound and determined to find his friend and goes on a mission to get her.

The Daring Prince Dashing is a fun take on fairy tales and this modern edition is a perfect book for both boys and girls.  You root for Dashing on his noble quest and hope in the end he is reunited with his friend.  It’s a great tale of friendship, adventure, and fantasy as the determined Prince wants to see his equally daring friend again.  Read the book to see if he is successful!  The suspense made this a great read for Brooke who is all about all things royal at the moment.

About the Author:  Marilou T. Reeder received a Barbara Karlin Grant letter of merit in 2009. In 2010, she was awarded the SCBWI Pocono Mountain Retreat author scholarship, for writers who show exceptional promise. When she is not writing for children, she keeps busy with freelance business and technical writing. She currently resides in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

About the Illustrator:  Karl West is a freelance illustrator, doodler, and full-time coffee drinker. He produces both traditional and digital work from his studio in Dorset, England.

The Daring Prince Dashing (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.99 (Currently on sale at for $12.91)


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