Dandelions (Hardcover)


Dandelions (Hardcover)

At EK Books we are dedicated to producing quality children’s picture books that tell outstanding stories and which have meaningful ideas as their essence.

This book has given me so much joy to read to my daughters, but especially my oldest, Brooke.  See, Brooke was primarily raised by her stay at home dad until she was four.  They have a bond like no other and while she has started to become more and more like a mommy’s girl as she gets older, she continues to seek out her daddy’s comfort when she feels sick first and she can’t go to sleep without him tucking her in at night.  It’s SWEET.  But, one of the things I remember most from her toddler years with her father was her love of flowers.  There wasn’t a flower Brooke didn’t love, but she especially loved DANDELIONS.  Yes, the weed.  But, it wasn’t the bright yellow ones she loved, she like the fluffy white seed-head dandelions that were ready to spread throughout our yard overtaking the grass.  Despite my best efforts to explain how dandelions work, her love of them never wavered.  As she still brings me bits of leaves, rocks and, yes, the occasional dandelion, I smile as I remember her innocent love of her precious weeds and this story makes it a perfect addition to our literary lives.

In Dandelions, the beautiful bond between father and daughter is explored when the little girl is crushed that her daddy mows over her favorite flowers – the dandelions.  She is upset and tells her dad she is going to sit outside and wait until they grow back! But her daddy has another precious idea.  He shows her the puffy white dandelion balls and explains that as they blow them into the air, they will be scattered and spread their seeds to create new generations of dandelions far and wide.  Together, the father and daughter delight in watching the seeds whirl and twirl through the air as they are forever bonded by their love of each other and the always resilient nature of the dandelion.  Magnificent!  Perfect for readers aged 4-9, this is a book that will be cherished by families and recommended by teachers and librarians – and all lovers of the weed they call a dandelion.  Love ya, Brooke, my little flower child.

Dandelions (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99

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