MyBuckleMate Bucking Made Easy!


MyBuckleMate Bucking Made Easy!

Mom-invented to keep rascally floppy backseat buckles propped up so anyone can buckle up independently

My oldest daughter, Brooke, was ready to transition to a smaller booster seat.  To say I was hesitant was an understatement.  She has been in a five point harness since birth and since my now my elementary school kid has sprouted in growth and ability, it just wasn’t reasonable to ask her to stay in a five point harness car seat forever.  As you might remember, earlier this year our family was involved in a bad car accident where a vehicle hit our SUV on its side and flipped it over and back on the wheels axis while our girls were in their car seats, so I take car safety very seriously.  That said, Brooke’s height and weight recommendations, plus her ability to want to buckle and unbuckle her seat at her age, made this a losing battle.  The great thing is, MyBuckleMate has not only made this transition easier, it is also much faster for Brooke in getting her in and out of the car.  It is really easy to install, and works great in my car. The buckle mate helps Brooke buckle in so much easier and it’s interesting that no one has thought about this before.


Watch!  Check out this video here on how to properly install MyBuckleSeat.

MyBuckleMate (patented) locks into place around your auto’s back seat buckle bases to keep them firmly propped up and easy to reach so buckling up with one hand is a snap, whether you’re 6 years old or 60.

  • Helps kids buckle up in the back seat by themselves
  • Helps adults with limited mobility and Arthritis
  • Keeps buckles where you can easily reach them – not flopping around, falling into seat pockets or getting wedged under booster seats
  • Fits in tight spaces like between booster seats and three passengers in one row!
  • You can fold your car seats down without removing MyBuckleMate
  • Won’t interfere with your vehicle’s buckling mechanism.  It locks into place around the fabric that anchors back seat buckles to your auto’s back seat and does not obstruct the buckle’s release button or the latchplate where the buckle clicks into place.


Check it outHere is a list of all the cars that have been tested and approved to use MyBuckleMate.

MyBuckleMate Bucking Made Easy!

List Price: $ 14.99 (for a Two Pack)

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