Wink Kit: A Subscription Box for Planner Junkies (Holiday Recommendation)


Wink Kit: A Subscription Box for Planner Junkies (Holiday Recommendation)

Ink&Wink Delivers a monthly dose of happiness to planner junkies, check out our Wink Kits!

Planners, organizers, scrap-books – oh my!  If any of these things get you all hot and bothered, then you, my friend, need a Wink Kit.  And probably an intervention for a Planner Junkies anonymous group.  Ha.  When people get excited about indexes and washi tape, then a Wink Kit is the perfect gift for your planner junkie.  Hey, I understand.  I’m one of them.  I like to make lists just to check off items.  I prepare for things way far in advance.  I like being organized.  I totally get not everyone is like that (my husband, being one of them), but others need to realize that us planner junkies are out there and we are the ones keeping things on track and secretly people rely on us whether they like to admit it or not.  But our biggest asset is our planning products.  What would we do without our highlighters or post-its?  Shudder.

stickers-and-flowers  Want to get organized in 2016?  The Wink Kit subscription is for you!

Luckily, the Wink Kit is a new monthly subscription box to keep all of us Planner Junkies stocked.  Every month the items are fresh and different. Typically you’ll receive 12-14 items in a kit. There’ll be one larger item and several smaller items such as stickers, washi tape, page flags, sticky notes, pens, book marks, post cards, planner charms, stamps, etc. An example of a large item would be a pouch, pencil case, a set of washis, a set of pens, etc.  Wink Kits ship once a month on the 15th, and the orders for that month close on the 10th, so if you order later than that your kit will be mailed to you on the first 15th after you place the order.  Simple!


September Wink Kit Box – What does my kit include?

  • Two Washi Tapes (Purple Glitter and Nautical themed)
  • Bookmark
  • Masking Sticker Set
  • Set of One Point Markers
  • Hello Kitty Large Index Kit
  • Fine Tip Black Marker
  • Handmade “card candy”!

This box is an organizer’s dream!  I love all of the washi tapes (can you ever have enough washi tapes?!?) and markers, especially the fine tip marker which I use a great deal.  The designs are whimsical and fun and the items may not have been what I may normally pick out for myself, but I really loved each one and I’m wondering how I lived with one point markers before now.  This is a subscription box for planners and organizers who want someone else in charge of purchasing the supplies.  You can’t beat the price and the wide range of how I can keep my life in order has just gotten even CUTER.  Yes!

Ink and Wink Blog:  For those dying to know the best way to store washi tape, 7 great ways to store stickers or even (gasp!) decorate paper clips (nope, not kidding!), check out the Ink and Wink Blog here for all things PLANNING and ORGANIZING.

Wink Kit: A Subscription Box for Planner Junkies (Holiday Recommendation)

List Price: $23/month including shipping

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