Sydney & Simon: Go Green! (Hardcover)


Sydney & Simon: Go Green! (Hardcover)

Publishing awesome books for kids for over twenty-five years!

Who knew that rats could teach us a valuable lesson in waste reduction? That’s just what a new book by Charlesbridge Publishing is all about.  Two twin rats, Sydney (a girl) and Simon (a boy) learn about how garbage can get into the ocean and harm sea life.  This new information about pollution inspires the siblings to reduce waste at home and at school. The duo starts getting creative and get all of their friends and family involved with their new mission.  The rat siblings recruit everyone to start recycling, reusing, and even singing and playing instruments made from re-purposed trash.  What fun!  This is a great book for young children and the chapters are short yet engaging so they help little the readers understand the consequences of pollution and provide opportunities to rethink one’s environmental footprint.  What a great lesson for children to learn.

About Charlesbridge Publishing:  ‘Books for Young Readers’.  Charlesbridge Publishing is a Watertown, Massachusetts independent publisher of children’s books for ages 0-14.  Charlesbridge first started publishing in 1989 and their very first books were alphabet books on nature.  Check out more of their alphabet books, as well as their entire catalog, here on their website.

Sydney & Simon: Go Green! (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 12.95


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