French Onion Cheeseball Mix by Company’s Comin’ (Made in Texas)


French Onion Cheeseball Mix by Company’s Comin’

Original gourmet mixes from our family to yours.

I always get excited this time of the year because it usually means my parents will visit us in Austin from Ohio and see our girls for an annual visit.  As the girls get older, it does get more difficult being that far away from their grandparents, so Brooke especially gets OH SO EXCITED when she has people visit and spend time with her.  In fact, this year she is actually more excited about her grandparents coming than having a fall break from kindergarten!  Ha.  When your parents live that many states away, it means their trips are overnight and getting the place in tip top shape when we have two little kids can be work.  Both Bob and I work full time and after we get the kids in bed, it can be hard to muster up the strength to do major cleaning but it’s always a top priority when we have company.  We think about meals and snacks for people later.  However, I have a little arsenal of secret recipes and appetizers now and it’s all thanks to a sweet little place called Company’s Comin’ that is made not too far from us in Austin, Texas.

82 miles NE of Austin is a small city of less than 5K people called Hearne, Texas.  I’ve never been there and have only looked on a map for it because I found this adorable little company called Company’s Comin’ that makes homemade mixes for quick recipes and appetizers in the event you have to whip something up for guests.  Cute, right?

Company’s Comin’ is not only cute, it’s also VERY Handy and because I want to make sure my parents feel comfortable in my home, I like to make sure they always have food they feel they can nibble on as if they were in their own place.  Good food.  Unfortunately, gone are the days when Bob and I could spend hours in the kitchen together whipping up gourmet foods from scratch (and, yes, we did that a lot before the kiddos including one very elaborate Thanksgiving feast we prepared for grandparents and great-grandparents when we lived in Cincinnati).  We still make things from scratch, but recipes are condensed and prep time is minimal.  I happened to hear about Company’s Comin’ when I was looking for a cheeseball recipe (my mom’s favorite) and found their website and was like, “What is this?!”  Simple recipes with pre-made homemade mixes for dips, soups, and casseroles where you would literally only need to add an ingredient or two sounded delightful, timely, and delicious.

I’m excited to say that their cheeseball and dip mixes are sensational and I’m excited for my parent’s to try their Peppery Boursin Cheeseball while here.  Yum.  Their mixes are for more than just appetizers, you can also purchase subscriptions to Company’s coming including their monthly 4 Casserole Subscription for just $29.95.  Yes, you can make homemade food like the Chicken Pot Pie Casserole Mix and have dinner complete in less than 20 minutes.  It’s amazing what you can find right here in Texas when you just search for a French Onion Cheeseball recipe and I am so ready for their visit.  OK, mostly ready.  I still have some cleaning to do, but at least everyone will feel full!

Company's  Yummmmmm!

French Onion Cheeseball Mix by Company’s Comin’

List Price: $ 10.95

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